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Get "hip" with the language

by Michael Gonzalez

An interesting aspect of our culture today is how new terminology keeps cropping up to describe well-known, "old" things. You've seen the list of the ones that are good jokes, like calling the garbage collector a "sanitary engineer." You've also see the list of new terminology where certain advocacy groups try to eliminate old terminology which has a negative connotation, even when it is describing something which is essentially NEGATIVE!

Here's a new one on me. I was browsing a document on the Internet from the UMC Northern Illinois Conference "archives" and out pops a new term for a what we used to call a prostitute, or a hooker, or worse, a whore. What's the new name? A STREET SEX PROVIDER.

Is it just me, or is this trying to bring the sexual revolution just way too far. Why do we need a new term for a prostitute? I can bet that an argument was made that the traditional terms had the female gender attached to it, and what we need is a gender-neutral term. It may be true that we've go too many males now selling themselves for sex, but I'm just not buying that this term was invented in order to make it gender-neutral. You can see as well as me that this term is used to take the negative connotation off the label, and as far as I'm concerned, that's completely ridiculous. If a behavior is negative, then is SHOULD maintain it's label that has a negative connotation.


Here's where the term shows up (I think this is a 1998 report): 


[below is one excerpt from a very long report]

640-126 Rockford Urban Ministries Goal: $10,000

Rockford Urban Ministries, an outreach of 18 United Methodist Churches, is rehabbing housing, doing outreach to IV drug users and street sex providers, and hosting work crews in the urban center of Rockford. We hope to purchase the building that we've been in for the last five years.



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