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Glorify God vs. Glorify Humankind

by Michael L. Gonzalez

August 7, 2000

One of the tenets of Christianity is to endeavor to do that which will glorify God.  However, many people, in the name of Christ, have taken actions that indeed do NOT glorify God, but rather glorify themselves and other humans.  Of course we're all human, and as humans with a sinful nature, we have a natural tendency to emphasize ourselves over others, and even over God.  When Christians recognize the error of their ways, they confess their sins and repent of their sins.

However for the moment, I'm not talking about humans who glorify themselves out of mindless error, but rather I'm talking about humans who purposely declare that their objective is to explicitly glorify themselves, and willfully reject God, and do all of this in the name of Christ Jesus.  Although humans have exhibited this type of behavior since Christ was crucified, I want to focus on examples of this in the past few hundred years (and just the past FEW YEARS, as well).

Instead of worshiping God, these people, in the name of Christ, worship their feelings and their brains.  They worship their lusts, desires, needs, and wants in terms of feelings, and they worship their cognitive capabilities and preclude any possibility of faith in God.

Their infatuation with their brain power and scholarly study has caused them to erect a shield to separate themselves from the Holy Spirit.  They insist that any physical reality or divine concept must be false if they cannot comprehend it in terms of their earthly reality.  Since they cannot understand how God could have created the earth per the Genesis account, this must be folklore.  Since the flood is unfathomable in our present science of the earth, it couldn't have actually happened.  Jesus could not have performed miracles because no such miracles have been witnessed (at least by these folks) today.  Certainly Jesus did not bodily rise from the dead, nor ascend into heaven--don't be ridiculous.  The Trinity is interesting, but without anything other than vague Biblical inferences about the essence of the Trinity, we'll leave it at simply a symbolic representation of God.  And certainly, Revelation is just a wild dream that is so nonsensical that it's without relevance to the religion.  With the above as a premise, there is no hope of faith; as long as this human-conceived shield is in place, there can be no belief in the God of the Bible (God's inspired Word, without error).

If the Bible is NOT the inerrant Word of God, then the Bible can be used in part or simply discarded; this is exactly the case in many denominations today, including certain geographic areas of the United Methodist Church.  Without the Bible as the ultimate authority of Christianity, humankind is capable of reasoning practically any experience into a new religion, and even rationalizing that the created religion still maintain the label "christian."

Given the sinful nature of humans, the natural tendency is, of course, to bring into the religion many concepts that will service human desires.  Thus, either wittingly or unwittingly, there is a tendency for the religion to become more glorious of humans and less glorious of God.

Due to uncomfortable readings that people (like myself) have provided to you, you now know that the United Methodist Church is currently being infiltrated, around the edges, with such non-Christian concepts as worship of the goddess Sophia and the practice of witchcraft (often referred to as Wicca).  So far, these are the most outrageous examples of documented (although not advertised) skeletons in the UMC closet.

The latest candidate for the UMC closet, or "Hall of Dis-fame" appears to be pedophilia (adults having sex with children).  It is interesting that just as homosexuality was considered a sexual disorder prior to 1973 (if you didn't know, the "experts" of psychiatry and psychology decided in that year to remove homosexuality from the list of disorders), it appears now that we're heading for a similar acceptance of pedophilia.

Not to be left behind in the swing toward every abomination that the Word of God defines for us, the UMC is just about to be invaded by advocates for pedophilia.

I know what you're thinking:  "Come on Mike, I've heard so many times that if the Church blesses homosexual behavior, we'll start to see pedophilia next.  This is simply ridiculous conjecture, and it wouldn't ever happen."  Well, all I can say is, SEEING IS BELIEVING!

What you will read below is a seemingly benign announcement by the UMC homosexual advocate news service CORNET (which is usually blowing Greg Dell's horn) about an article that appeared in the Washington Post (you know, the major newspaper in our Capitol).

The article in the Post is advocating mentors for children who are (in their opinion) homosexuals.  This is the same position that an organization by the name of NAMBLA has advocated for years.  NAMBLA stands for the North American Man-Boy Love Association, which is a homosexual advocate group that has called for the acceptance of sex between adults and children.  THUS, THERE IS A CLEAR INFERENCE THAT THE HOMOSEXUAL ADVOCATES WITHIN THE UMC WILL BE PUSHING FOR ACCEPTANCE OF CHILD MOLESTATION IN THE CHURCH!

If the radical liberal agenda is not clear to you, let me briefly outline it below:

1. Accept homosexuality as "born-in" an inflated percentage of the American population
2. Bless homosexual behavior and marriage within the Church
3. Promote pluralism to a degree such that ANY non-Christian belief system is welcome in the Church
4. Accept goddess worship (Sophia, and more)
5. Accept Wicca (witchcraft, paganism, etc.)
6. Accept pedophilia as a form of mentoring "homosexual" children
7. Bless marriage of any number of people, of any sex, of any age, in pairs or group unions
8. ETC.

GOAL:  To glorify humankind rather than to glorify God.

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August 4, 2000

"A stunning 75 percent of adolescent deaths are due to
unintentional injuries, homicide and suicide associated with
high-risk behavior. Teens are significantly less likely to
participate in those behaviors if they have an adult mentor,
according to a survey by the New York State Department of

Chryss Cada, the author of the above paragraph is a Gay teen
mentor who knows from personal experience that "[w]hen young
people discover this difference about themselves, the secret
they are coming to terms with separates them from their
friends and makes them a minority within their own families"
who often struggle alone to "shoulder . . . the many lost
expectations of being gay."

Every teenager deserves a role model, however.

Unfortunately, GLBT people are too often seen as people to
protect young people from.  "It's why gay teachers are
encouraged to stay in the closet, gays are kept from becoming
priests in many denominations and a gay man can't be a Boy
Scout leader."

In "When a Teen Mentor Is Gay", published in the Aug. 4,
2000, Washington (DC) Post, this importance of Gay people as
mentors for teenagers who are coming to understand that their
affectional orientation is toward their own gender is clearly

As a volunteer at a suicide center, she has learned that the
core of the message to give to suicidal teens is that such an
act is "a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Although that message is a critical one, "for gay teens,
there's a catch in the equation. When a teen realizes he or
she is gay and is painted a bleak picture of the future by
adults trying to 'save' him or her from it, the situation
sounds painfully permanent. With no one to give them hope,
far too many teens see no point in going on..  Hopelessness
is a killer as vicious as any disease and as ruthless as any
sudden tragedy. It is a tragic mistake to underestimate the
burden being different places on a teen."

_________ end of CORNET E-mail ___________

Comment by Mike G:  It's rather sad that an organization that is inherently a part of the UMC (what is supposed to be a Christian church), CORNET doesn't add to the writing by Chryss Cada that God's transforming power and grace is available to all who accept Jesus Christ as Savior.  It is through Christ that Christians find hope and a purpose for life, not through falsehoods spread by psychoanalysts (either professional or amateur).

Let me quote the author of the below Washington Post article, Chryss Cada, from her own website.

On her website, she explains to the reader about the wedding between herself and her homosexual partner, and how the fact that they didn't have a wedding license was insignificant to her; she makes this statement:

     But there's an important distinction to make. The meaning
     my relationship has didn't develop from tradition, from
     society, from the law or from the example of countless
     millions before us. The meaning my marriage has comes
     solely from the two people in it.

Thus, there is NOTHING of more significance to this person than herself.  Oh yes, at the time of her writing, she indicates that her homosexual partner provides her with meaning, but what is their relationship based on?  Simply themselves.  Their objective is to glorify themselves.

Mentors for Gay Youth (below are some excerpts)

By Chryss Cada
Special to The Washington Post
Friday, August 4, 2000

What they really want to know is if they're going to be OK.

Savannah asks how I figured out I was gay. Lei wants to know if
she should come out in high school or after graduation. Josh
wonders how long before his parents will accept him.

From across the country they reach me through my Web page with questions they feel they have no one
else to ask.

I'm glad they find me. Like so many of us do, I want to reach
back and help young people along the path I have traveled.

In our society no role is more valued or respected than that of
a mentor--except when that mentor is gay. Despite growing
tolerance, the prevailing tendency in this country is to
"protect" young people from gay adults. The more well-adjusted
and successful the gay person, the more of a threat he or she

It's why gay teachers are encouraged to stay in the closet, gays
are kept from becoming priests in many denominations and a gay
man can't be a Boy Scout leader.

Beneath all the pontification and legal rationalization is a
gut-level hope that "protecting" young people from gay role
models will keep them from turning out to be gay themselves.

But to deny teens role models is to deny them something that is
critical at their stage of life--someone to turn to who
understands what they're going through.

A stunning 75 percent of adolescent deaths are due to
unintentional injuries, homicide and suicide associated with
high-risk behavior. Teens are significantly less likely to
participate in those behaviors if they have an adult mentor,
according to a survey by the New York State Department of Health.

The need for mentors is even more pressing for gay teens. When
young people discover this difference about themselves, the
secret they are coming to terms with separates them from their
friends and makes them a minority within their own families.

Without someone who understands, teens must shoulder alone the
many lost expectations of being gay. Teens struggling with
issues of sexual orientation are three times more likely than
their peers to commit suicide, according to a study of teen
suicide by the federal government.

My brother, Mark, wasn't gay. He was, as my mom says, "too
sensitive to survive in this world." At the direction of others
he was always trying to "toughen up" and be "more of a man." But
the boxing, the hunting, the football and all the other "macho"
activities never took. He didn't fit the male stereotype and
knew he never would.

I wish he would have had the opportunity to spend time with a
man like the one he would have grown up to be. Mark was 15 when
he committed suicide. He left me a note saying he didn't fit in
and he would never grow up to fit others' expectations of him.

In honor of my brother, I never tell teens to try to change who
they are and always tell them that there is hope.

I think we all owe them more than our fears. Every teen deserves
a role model, someone to show them that they are, indeed, going
to be okay.

Resources include: National Youth Advocacy Coalition,

2000 The Washington Post Company


Comment by Mike G:  Am I the only one who sees the difference with a homosexual adult man mentoring a sexually confused, hormone-filled teenage boy; compared to a typical adult male (say a Boy Scout leader) mentoring a typical hormone-filled teenage boy?

Are you now beginning to see that it's actually conceivable that advocates of pedophilia are making a move on churches such as the UMC?

If you aren't, perhaps some background on NAMBLA would convince you.


NAMBLA's own statement of purpose

The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) supports
the rights of all people to engage in consensual relations, and
we oppose laws which destroy loving relationships merely on the
basis of the age of the participants.

NAMBLA does not say that ALL children should engage in such

However we believe that when this does occur society should be
able to distinguish between those relationships that are
loving, supportive and mutually desired, and those which are
harmful and involve force or coercion.

NAMBLA unequivocally condemns all coercive or non-consensual
acts, sexual or otherwise, between people of any age.

NAMBLA supports youth liberation and the empowerment of young
people in all areas of their lives (not just sexual). We
believe that there should also be improved education and the
establishment of viable community resources so that young
people are better able to manage their own lives and function
as productive citizens of this society.

Yours in Liberation,

Roy Radow
Now:        (was:
North American Man/Boy Love Association -For membership info &
brochure write to: NAMBLA, Dept. RR, PO Box 174, Midtown
Station, NYC, NY 10018.  Send $5 for current Bulletin with
amount credited toward membership fee.  Publications list
available upon request.


NAMBLA is not a new organization, but currently they're experiencing a little hot water over a murder of a child by one of their followers.  Due to this litigation, they have shut down their official website at but as you can see above, their material is mirrored on many websites.  (You can run, but you cannot hide!)

Here's a recent news article on the lawsuit

July 27, 2000
Murdered Boy's Parents Go After NAMBLA
by Martha Kleder, staff writer

The family of a murdered youngster is pursuing a wrongful death
lawsuit against a well-known group that supports pedophilia.

Bob Peters, with Morality in Media, said he is not surprised
that the attorney for the family of the murdered boy has
reportedly uncovered numerous connections between evidence in
child rape cases and the North American Man-Boy Love
Association (NAMBLA).

"Even I have been amazed at how many times I have seen news
articles in terms of children being sexually abused and it
turns out to be that the abuser was a member of NAMBLA," Peters

Tim Dailey, with the Family Research Council, said
investigators in the case found more on the killers than just
NAMBLA materials and membership.

"In his diary, (one murderer) speaks of reading the NAMBLA
Bulletin, which is their publication, and . . . said that his
exposure to NAMBLA helped him come to terms with his urge to
rape children," Dailey said.

Peters said the legal principle being used against NAMBLA --
holding the leaders of a group responsible for the conduct of
their members -- was pioneered against the Ku Klux Klan.

But Bob Flores, with the National Law Center for Children and
Families, said that legal method is often used against

"We have seen lawsuits now against pro-life defendants on the
basis of their speech," Flores said.

While NAMBLA's ability to lobby for change in child-abuse laws
is protected speech, all legal experts are quick to add that
child pornography is never protected, and could add extra
weight to the family's case.


Here's a very brief excerpt from a very long writing

The Real Agenda
BY California State Assemblyman Steve Baldwin
June 10, 1999

[In discussing the training of public school teachers to promote the homosexual agenda, Mr. Baldwin provides this documented teacher training:]

      The Community United Against Violence has set up a
      "Lesbian/Gay Speakers Bureau" to provide gay speakers to
      schools. The manual trains speakers how to handle certain
      questions that students might ask. Here is an excerpt:

      "What about man/boy love?

      This question is usually not phrased in this way. Members of
      the audience usually ask, 'What do you think about men having
      sex with little boys?' or 'How do you feel about men raping
      little boys?' It is important to immediately label the topic
      as intergenerational sex', to point out that it is an issue
      that is not exclusive to the gay community, and to distinguish
      between consensual sex and forcible rape.... the media has
      recently given a lot of publicity to the North American
      Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and almost always described
      that group's function as encouraging child molestation.
      NAMBLA's main purpose is support, not sex, and not rape.
      NAMBLA maybe is singled out for attack because it is a gay

      This handbook was approved by San Francisco Unified!


If you are interested in further background on the growing advocacy for acceptance of pedophilia, below is more data.

APA Under Fire for Child Sex Abuse Report
31 March, 1999

By Scott Hogenson, CNS Executive Editor

(CNS) - The American Psychological Association is trying to
correct what it called misrepresentations of the
organization's positions on child sexual abuse and the
findings of a report on the topic published by the
organization. But the association appears to be selective in
who it publicly criticizes for their use of the report.

The APA found itself at the center of a burgeoning
controversy after publishing the report A Meta-Analytic
Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse
Using College Samples, which concluded that child sexual
abuse "does not cause intense harm on a pervasive basis,"
among victims.

Singled out for criticism by the APA was radio talk show
host Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who railed against the report
in a broadcast earlier this month, calling it one that
attempts to normalize pedophilia. The broadcaster also
voiced strong opposition to the report's conclusions, which
included renaming child sexual abuse "adult-child sex, a
value-neutral term," according to a text of the document
obtained by CNS.

Rhea Farberman, Director of Communications for the American
Psychological Association, told CNS that the organization's
publication of the report in the APA's Psychological
Bulletin, does not constitute an endorsement or validation
of its findings.

The APA states that "sexual abuse of children is wrong and
harmful to its victims," and the 155,000 member association
published a clarification of its official position on child
sexual abuse following Schlessinger's broadcast, noting that
the findings of the report "are being misreported by some in
the media."

"When Dr. Laura (Schlessinger) made statements that we felt
were a real distortion of the facts, we said so," Farberman
told CNS. "What Dr. Schlessinger did in a public forum, I
think - you know, she's got 18 million listeners - and I
think those listeners deserve the correct information," said

While Schlessinger is being criticized for real or perceived
misinterpretations of scientific fact and conclusion, the
APA is taking no public action regarding the use of its
published documents by one particular group which promotes
an agenda of sex between adults and children.

The North American Man Boy Love Association cites the
APA-published study and other research documents as
justification for sex between children and adults, saying
that sexual encounters between men and boys "are often quite
positive and beneficial for the participants, regardless of
their ages," according to the group's Internet web site.

"We can't tell other organizations what to say," Farberman
told CNS when asked whether the APA was making an effort to
challenge NAMBLA's use of the association's research
publications after having criticized Schlessinger's
statements about the report.

Farberman told CNS that the group's attorneys were trying to
stop other organizations from "misapplying" APA material,
but she said she was not at liberty to say whether NAMBLA or
any other particular group was being contacted about
possibly misusing research material published by APA.

A person identifying himself only as a NAMBLA official
Tuesday night left a telephone voice mail response to an
earlier CNS request for comment, saying that NAMBLA has
"never had any communication with the APA," about its use of
the article to defend and support NAMBLA's agenda of sex
between men and children.

"I can't discuss what our lawyers might be doing," said
Farberman, saying only that there are "two (groups) that I
know of," that are being approached about alleged
misrepresentation of APA-published research, and that both
were advocacy groups.

"We think that what NAMBLA says and stands for is wrong,"
said Farberman. "We think their conclusions are quite
harmful." Asked when the APA would provide information about
whether it was asking NAMBLA to stop allegedly
misrepresenting the group's published research, Farberman
told CNS "sooner rather than later."

The report's authors wrote that their conclusions were
predicated on reviewing 59 different studies of child sexual
abuse among college-aged students, and said that
"classifying a behavior as abuse simply because it is
generally viewed as immoral or defined as illegal is
problematic because such a classification may obscure the
true nature of the behavior and its actual causes and

Chief among the report's critics is Schlessinger, a widely
syndicated radio talk show host who said the report makes an
effort to classify pedophilia as normal behavior. "The point
of this article is to allow men to rape male children,"
Schlessinger told CNS.

"There is a - hopefully small - percentage in the
psychiatric and psychological community who would normalize
pedophilia," Schlessinger said. "One of the first ways to
change people's minds about something is to call it by
another name," a reference to the report's use of the
acronym 'CSA' rather than the term child sexual abuse. "To
normalize things, first you make the names neutral,"
Schlessinger said.

Schlessinger, who holds a doctorate degree in physiology and
human sexuality, also criticized the way in which the report
was presented, referring to it as a "garbage in, garbage
out" process. "This was not a study. They didn't do a
study," said Schlessinger. "They arbitrarily found 59
studies other people had done (and) combined them all."

The APA's decision to publish the article also came under
fire from Schlessinger. "The problem I had with the American
Psychological Association printing this is the methodology,"
Schlessinger told CNS. "This was very bad science and this
should not have even been published."

According to Schlessinger, the report tries to manipulate
language and circumstances in an attempt to advance a
particular point of view. "If a woman is raped and five
years later you go up to her and say 'How you doing?' and
she goes 'Not too bad,' the conclusion you would draw in the
parallel kind of thinking that went into this article is
that, therefore, rape is not bad and might it even be
useful, look how much stronger she is in her life,"
Schlessinger told CNS.

The final sentence of the 31-page report notes that "the
findings of the current review do not imply that moral or
legal definitions of or views on behaviors currently
classified as CSA should be abandoned or even altered."

But numerous passages in the report stress the difference
between the scientific and social applications of the word
'abuse.' The report quotes one researcher who stated that
often, there is a "failure to distinguish between abuse as
harm done to a child or adolescent and abuse as a violation
of social norms, which is problematic because it cannot be
assumed that violations of social norms lead to harm."

Another passage from the report quotes different research
which claims that "In science, abuse implies that particular
actions or inactions of an intentional nature are likely to
cause harm to an individual," and another source cited in
the report asserted that "classifying a behavior as abuse
simply because it is generally viewed as immoral or defined
as illegal is problematic."

The opening of the report indicates that researchers Bruce
Rind of Temple University, Robert Bauserman of the
University of Michigan and Philip Tromivitch from the
University of Pennsylvania sought to clarify whether child
sexual abuse causes "intense harm" to children as they
mature, although the report does not clearly define what
constitutes "intense harm."

Also absent from the report is any detailed exploration of
whether children are emotionally able to make responsible
decisions about whether to have sex with an adult, and how
many people chose to not freely admit or discuss having been
the victim of sexual abuse as a child.

However, the report claims that "37 % (of male college
students) viewed their CSA experiences as positive at the
time they occured." The report did attempt to cast current
attitudes on child sexual abuse as outmoded, quoting one
source as saying "This conflation of morality and science
hindered a scientifically valid understanding of this
behavior and created iatrogenic victims in the process."

Another passage in the report compares long standing,
wide-spread social opposition to child sexual abuse with
cult activity and Judaism. The report quotes one researcher
as arguing that "scientific classifications of sexual
behavior were nearly identical with theological
classifications and the moral pronouncements of English
common law in the 15th century, which were in turn based on
medieval ecclesiastic law, which was itself built on the
tenets of certain ancient Greek and Roman cults and Talmudic

"What they've done is they've said 'you have to change
society, we're not changing. We want access to your
children,'" said Schlessinger. But the APA took issue with
Schlessinger on some of her comments. "This is a free
country and Dr. Laura can what she'd like to say," Farberman
told CNS. "What we wanted to do was correct the record. When
reporters were calling me and saying 'is it true that APA is
attempting to normalize pedophilia,' which was a direct
quote from Schlessinger, I said 'of course not.'"

Farberman stressed that the APA is opposed to sex between
children and adults, and she said that the association's
position is that "pedophilia is a mental disorder and
extremely harmful to children."

Whether APA is overtly working to normalize sex between
children and adults may be subject to debate in some
quarters, but Farberman admitted that scientific data such
as that published by APA and other organizations does and
should have an impact public policy.

"We think that the scientific literature ought to influence
public policy," conceded Farberman. "We ought to let the
literature, the research, inform public policy so we can
have good public policy."


Statement on Childhood Sexual Abuse

Childhood Sexual Abuse Causes Serious Harm to its Victims

The American Psychological Association (APA


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