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Faithful UM's Draft Letter Encourage Other To Withhold Apportionments In Face Of High Church Disobedience

Editor's Note: This draft may be used as a sample for other letters

Escrowing Apportionments

Seeking Those Called by God

(Pass the following questionnaire to local church members to gather the faithful)

We are very concerned about the leadership of the United Methodist Church beyond the local church level, and we are seeking other members who share our concern.  Below is a brief sample of what concerns us:

  • Many UMC Bishops and church officials are openly promoting the homosexual agenda, abortion, biblical revisionism, and many questionable political causes.
  • Recently, we have witnessed the election of Gene Robinson as the first openly homosexual Bishop of the Episcopal Church.  The UMC may be the most likely to follow suit, because of the beliefs of many within our leadership.  As just one example, Bruce Robbins, General Secretary of the General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns of the UMC called the election of Robinson a “graceful step” for the Episcopal Church.  He also said the move will strengthen a “careful, close, and growing” relationship between the Episcopal and UM denominations.
  • Despite the official position of the UMC respecting the sanctity of the life of an unborn child, the UM General Board of Church and Society and the UM Women’s Division both belong to a group called the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, which defends the legality of abortion in all circumstances.
  • UM Bishop Joseph Sprague of Chicago has denied Jesus Christ’s virgin birth, bodily resurrection, and his unique role as the savior of the world.  Sprague recently stated that it is “ incredulous” that seminary faculty and other “well-informed clergy and laity” still “passionately advocate a virgin birth and a physically resurrected” Jesus.  Despite being charged with heresy on four occasions, no punitive actions have been carried out by the UMC against Bishop Sprague.
  • Senior UM officials signed a full-page ad in the April 5th edition of Christian Century magazine asking President George W. Bush to “repent from domestic and foreign policies that are incompatible with the teaching and example of Christ.”  These officials specifically opposed the military action in Iraq.  In fact, they oppose the option of any military conflict even though the UMC and the Bible recognizes the concept of a just war.  Among the signers of the ad:  Bishop Sprague; Bishop Melvin Talbert, ecumenical officer for the church’s Council of Bishops, who has endorsed same-sex ‘marriage’; and Board of Church and Society General Secretary Jim Winkler who is a strict pacifist in opposition with the church’s official position on war.

Do you believe that the membership of our local church should be made aware of these and other similar issues?  Would you be interested in joining our effort to call for the UMC leadership to be sound, biblical, and consistent with historic Christian beliefs as well as the doctrine of the UMC?

If yes, please provide your email address, a good time for meetings, and which Sunday School class you attend.

Are you too busy?  Would you consider becoming a prayer partner with us or acting as a Sunday School contact?  Would you like to receive email or regular mail information on these issues, what we are doing, and on specific prayer requests?   If so, please provide your email address and Sunday School class.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  Edmund Burke


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