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Joe Sprague: Apportionments

From: Steven H. Zinser xzins@earthlink.net
To: ucmpage@ucmpage.org
Subject: Joe Sprague: Apportionments

Sprague writes in his July 4 article

"Yet, our collective giving to God and needful neighbors through the Church falls far below the biblical tithe. On average, United Methodists give about 3% rather than the biblical tithe of 10%. Imagine what our congregations and conference could do with at least twice the income we now have! Truly, God would be glorified and the neighbor served significantly.".....

HOW AMAZING! Sprague has found a portion of scripture that he likes. Uninfluenced by redactors, oral tradition, transmission errors -- the parts about money -- HE LIKES THE INSPIRATION OF THE PARTS ABOUT GIVING MONEY.

I'm simply not surprised.


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