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UMC Grass Roots Wield Money with BOTH Liberal Establishment and Renewal Establishment in Effort to Reign in Errant Bishops

From:  Michael L. Gonzalez GonzoML@ameritech.net
Sent:  Tuesday, July 1, 2003
To:  John Warrener
Subject:  UMC grass roots wield money with leadership

God is moving amongst the United Methodist clergy, but especially within the ranks of the UMC laity.  The recent heresy published by Bishop Sprague of the Chicago area UMC Northern Illinois Conference in his book "Affirmations of a Dissenter," coupled with the 2003 NIC Annual Conference resolutions in defiance of the UMC Book of Discipline, has awakened the warriors for Christ out of their slumber.  The most remarkable aspect of this recent explosion of fervor to "contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints" [Jude 3] is that it is in opposition to BOTH the established liberal leadership amongst the episcopacy as well as the established conservative leadership of the so-called renewal groups (e.g.: Good News), which in conjunction with the massive Southeast Jurisdiction, controls the legislative arm of the UMC (the quadrennial General Conference).

This sudden eruption of grass-roots warriors has launched a denomination-wide effort to stop the flow of all money beyond the local church until the UMC leadership restores accountability to the episcopacy.  This drastic action is now seen as a last ditch effort for revival of the denomination, as the liberal/conservative tussles have dragged on for several decades while hundreds of thousands of lost souls died without Christ due to a denomination leadership that concentrates efforts on political power grabs over the Great Commission.

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