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Homosexuals Hijack Whitehouse Easter Egg Hunt For Political Gain

From: Mark Tooley [mailto:srempe@ird-renew.org]

Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2006 6:02 PM

To: ucmpage@ucmpage.org

Subject: Easter Egg Roll Controversy Revisited

Easter Egg Roll Controversy Revisited

April 19, 2006

Dear Fellow United Methodist:

The recent mobilization by "gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender" parents to exploit the White House Easter egg roll for a political statement gained a lot of publicity for IRD and UMAction. You will recall that we first exposed this effort back in January, when Mel White's Soulforce circulated a covert email asking his supporters to mobilize. Soulforce, of course, routinely demonstrates at United Methodist General Conferences. After the White House egg roll, Reconciling Congregations hosted a "celebration" at the very liberal Foundry United Methodist Church, here in Washington, D.C.

Anyway, my critique was this: all children, with their parents or guardians, rightly are welcome at the White House egg roll. But it was wrong for the homosexual advocacy groups to make a political statement at a children's event. And it was absurd for them to claim "discrimination," since there was never any effort to bar their attendance at the egg roll. They were using the egg roll to advance their political causes: same-sex "marriage" and full adoption rights for transgender couples.

Here are a few of our media mentions over this controversy. Among others, I was interviewed on ABC Nightly News, Fox News, CNN and several Washington, D.C. local stations.

- Newsday: Egg Roll Draws Gay Parents (http://www.newsday.com/news/nationworld/nation/ny-useast144701757apr14,0,5052158.story)

- Washington Blade: 200 Gay Families to Join Easter Egg Roll (http://www.washblade.com/2006/4-13/news/national/eggroll.cfm)

- New York Times: The Egg Roll (Again!) Becomes a Stage for Controversy (http://select.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F10F15FA35540C738DDDAD0894DE404482) (registration required)

- San Francisco Chronicle: Lesbian and Gay Families Camp Out for Egg Roll Tickets (http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2006/04/14/MNG0FI96PP1.DTL&hw=tooley&sn=001&sc=1000)

- Washington Times: A Time to Keep Silence and Let the Children Play (http://www.washingtontimes.com/metro/20060413-105219-4127r.htm)

- Los Angeles Times: Gay Families Seek Role in White House Tradition (http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-eggroll15apr15,0,4714302.story?coll=la-home-nation)

- Washington Post: Gay, Lesbian Families to Join American Tradition En Masse (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/04/12/AR2006041201892.html)

- ABC News: Brokeback Bunny? Gays Vie for Easter Egg Roll (http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/Politics/story?id=1848750&page=1)

- Minnesota Public Radio: A New Spin on the White House Easter Egg Roll (http://weekendamerica.publicradio.org/programs/index_20060415.html#easter)

Thank you for your continuing support of the Institute on Religion and Democracy and UMAction.


Mark Tooley

Director, UMAction


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