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Marietta Breakaway Wesleyan Fellowship To Receive First Members

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Wesleyan Fellowship Update

Moving into Membership

There are three basic levels of relationship and responsibility in a local church -- -- participation, membership, and leadership.

At this time, we have about 500-700 participants. These are Christ followers who actively participate in either Cells (adult, student, or children) or Celebration (one of our two congregational worship opportunities).

We also have about 150-200 persons in leadership. This includes our coaches, shepherds, apprentices, ministry leadership teams, worship leaders, elders, overseers, pastors, and staff.

But, as of this time, we have no "members." That is about to change. For almost one year we have been seeking God in prayer, and searching in His Word, for the Biblical standards for membership in His church. The pastors and elders have put together a "Membership Covenant" that we think rightly reflects the scriptural expectations for this relationship and responsibility.

We believe that God's plan for His people is to grow them into Christ likeness in the context of genuine Christian community. Participation, membership, and leadership are three levels of relationship and responsibility in that kingdom community. God calls us all to begin at the level of participation; then to move on from there to the level of membership; and finally to move to a place of servant leadership in the church and kingdom.

Beginning the week of January 14 we will be giving all of us who are participants and leaders an opportunity to examine what membership means in a Biblically functioning community of faith. We will be doing this in and through our cells. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of membership in Wesleyan Fellowship, and are not presently involved in one of our adult or student cells, let me encourage you to get into one now. You can find a listing of our cells through our website (www.wesleyanfellowship.org), or you can call one of our pastors (770-420-2446) for assistance in finding a cell that God can use as a means of grace to bless you, grow you, teach you, mature you, shape you, use you, guide you.

Moving into Membership is an opportunity to explore the particular place and plan God has just for you in relationship and responsibility to the Vision He is unfolding for Wesleyan Fellowship. Just the exploration of what this involves and requires promises to be an exciting adventure in kingdom living. Join us in the journey!

Cell Testimonies

“God provides for us and through us”

Our cell group wanted to find a family that we could help over Christmas. One family that we found decided at the last minute that they had been blessed this year and was not going to ask for support again. We were very thankful to hear of their blessings, but it left us with a void. We prayed for God to lead us to another family. One of our cell members was told about four young children whose parents had just been put in jail. The children were now living with their grandparents, who live near New Life Family Church. Both the grandparents and children needed help to meet their needs. We knew that God had put this family in our path. The children did not even have coats to wear which our cell provided as well as other clothing and toys for Christmas. There were other people who were not part of our cell that heard about this family and wanted to contribute. Our cell group has decided to help this family throughout the coming year. It was very evident to all that God was in control here and when we put our trust in Him, He may close one door, but open another. --Ernie and Bonnie Wagoner, shepherds

“The Clydesdale's Are Coming!”

On Wednesday the 20th of December, our cell group had a caroling party. The main focus was to bring the reason for Christmas to our neighbors. We delivered a Christmas greeting to our neighbors as we caroled. The message on the card said, "A gift of caroling from Wesleyan Fellowship, Merry Christmas!"

This was not just your ordinary caroling, one of our cell members dreamed big! He suggested we have horses, a wagon and snow. We all thought, "Right…" The wonderful outcome of his dream was a beautiful horse drawn, red wagon, two really big Clydesdale horses, a wonderful couple who brought them to us and, you guessed it, SNOW! God is great!

There is no way to tell the many blessings that God delivered to people. But we do know that there were smiles and good wishes from many of our neighbors. There were even a few unexpected hugs. Dream big! God cares for us and He does provide.

Garden Cell Groups

Garden children’s cells begin again this Sunday along with new dismissal procedures for the sprouts (5K, 1st and 2nd). Parents of children in the sprouts will pick up their children from the room they are dropped off in. Second graders will be picked up in the prayer room upstairs, 1st graders downstairs, first room on the left and 5Ks in the celebration room. No child will be dismissed without a parent or responsible adult picking them up.

Women’s Bible Study

Women who are interested in gathering together for praise, prayer, fellowship and an in-depth study of God's Word are encouraged to register to attend the newly released Beth Moore Bible Study entitled "Jesus, the One and Only"'. Offered on Thursdays from 9:15-11:45 a.m. from January 11-March 22, the group meets at Rose Lane Baptist Church, across from the Wesleyan church offices, at 534 Roselane Street. Childcare will be available on a limited basis. This study is open to the community, so please encourage family and friends to participate in this study, which illuminates the One who is not only "the reason for this season", but also the reason for every season of our lives--in fact, the reason for life itself! Please call Julie Van Gorp at 770-499-1138 to register, or email her at julesfreeinhim@aol.com.

Born Again Blessings Sign-Ups

Hilda Cagle Fellowship proudly presents Born Again Blessings Spring 2001 Children's Consignment Sale. The sale will be held February 23-24, 2001 (Friday 9:00 am till 7:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am till 2:00 pm) at the Cobb County Civic Center. The sale offers children's and maternity clothing, toys, nursery items and equipment/furniture. All proceeds from the sale go to Wesleyan Fellowship Missions Outreach. Sign-up for sellers and workers is Sunday, January 21, 2001 from 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm in the New Life lobby. For further information about the sale see our website at www.bornagainblessings.com leave a voice mail at 678-223-2009 Ext. 5607. Please help us glorify God in this outreach to our community.

Men's Ski Retreat

An informational meeting on a Colorado ski retreat for men will be held on Sunday night, January 14, at 7:00 in the Family Learning Center at New Life Family Church.

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