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Wesleyan Fellowship Receives Second* Prophetic Word

I will do my best to recount the word I believe God gave:

I see a large cement mixer turning which is God's establishment of a foundation for the Wesleyan Fellowship. The contents of the mixer are water. . . and behold the water within this mix is the river of my Spirit, says the Lord and the material of the foundation will be this water mixed with Gold which has been refined. The Gold is the prayers of this people which have come up to Me and behold I am mixing a foundation, and exceedingly great foundation. For I will establish you upon prayer and the flow of my Spirit. Has My Word not declared that My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations? And behold this foundation will be too deep for any man to plumb for it will support a work that reaches the nations of this earth. It will establish a constant flow of leaders whose gifts I will give away around my earth for this is your destiny says the Lord.

I have tested you, says your God and you have passed the test, you have not compromised but beware of those outside and inside your midst who will speak out of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and not out of the tree of life. For grief will tempt many to speak in anger, with words that would curse. I call you to receive curses with innocence and without retaliation, instead bless those who curse you and invite all who would seek my face. Beware of those who are within who would look over their shoulder and in their frustration curse what they left. Admonish them to maintain the heart of a child for if they do not, they will surely miss what I have in store for this great people.

Beware also of trusting in your research and in your programs, says the Lord your God. If I would establish a house of prayer for all nations with the water of my Spirit and the refined Gold of your prayers why would you settle for the innovations of man. For I will indeed establish programs and ministry to many will flow from this place, but it will be birthed in the prayer room and it will not fail.

Behold these things will be My doing says the Lord and the Glory of my presence shall be your portion and no man shall touch My Glory. For what can mere man do that could stand in the light of My Glory? Seek my face and guard the place of prayer and I will be Glorified in your midst, says the Lord."

As I typed this out my fingers would not go fast enough and I sensed the presence of God, even as I do now. May the Lord, our great God add the increase to this people and may all His desires be fulfilled in them. I hope this helps, Kaye. Greet the saints called Wesleyan Fellowship and pray for us this Sunday night 7-18-99 as we have Dr. Michael Brown from Brownsville speaking to our people at Trinity and all who would visit with us. He will also speak to pastors and elders in the city on Monday morning at 10:00 A.M. and then again to all who would come on Monday night.

Humbled to Serve Our King!

Pastor les beauchamp
Trinity Church, Interdenominational


* First Prophetic Word Spoken to First Mariatta UMC

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