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West Ohio Evangelicals Dominate Delegate Elections


Wanted to let you know what happened at the West Ohio Annual Conference. The Liberal caucus called "Open Table" did not know what hit them. For the first time in a long time the Evangelicals elected the majority of Lay and Clergy delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conference. Of the 30 delegates we are sending 18 who are definitely evangelical and another three who are at least moderate. Jurisdictional is about the same make up. God was truly moving in the voting. The First Lay person and clergy elected were both evangelicals. You should have seen the faces of the Liberals when we had eight of the first ten on the first ballot. They could not even make their typical complaint that we were not being inclusive because the  African-Americans and first two women were all endorsed by our group.

The Evangelical Association of West Ohio and the West Ohio Confessing Movement worked together with the Holy Spirit's leading to make this happen. The revival is beginning!

Peace to You,
Rob Dauber (coordinator of the Athens District of the West Ohio

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