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More Pastors Join "Act of Obedience" in Light of Next Planned Homosexual Sacrilege

Date: Monday, February 01, 1999 11:31 AM
Subject: News Article
The United Methodist Reporter,

First United Methodist Church as a radical act of obedience to God and the Church will conduct a renewal of baptismal vows and of ordination vows on Sunday, February 21. This radical act will be in support of the vows we took at baptism and will act as a teaching moment to our congregation of the vows we took as Elders at our ordination. It will also be in defiance of the disobedience of several of our clergy and members who condone and perform same gender weddings and against those bishops who support such covenant breaking by their actions and by their silence.

This act of radical obedience is done in conjuction with hundreds of other congregations across the country who are sick at heart over the sacrilege at Sacramento and the sacrilege promised for Valentines day.

We vow to no longer sit by idly while many of our leaders spit in the face of God, Scripture and Discipline and make a mockery of our faith.

We call upon other congregations and pastors in the Northern Illinois to make Sunday February 21 a day of radical obedience to God by renewing their baptismal and ordination vows.

Rev. Carson Daniel Lauffer, Pastor
FUMC 200 West Second Street,
Prophetstown, Illinois 61277
Fax and Phone 815.537.2496

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