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Suspended Faithful UM Pastor Inspiration To Lone "Elijahs"

Mississippi United Methodist Advocate Editor Laments Support For Faithful Pastor Robert Robbins robowill3@bellsouth.net

I am a lay leader and certified lay speaker in a Mississippi district. At one time I was convinced that I, like Elijah of old, was the "only one left" in the Methodist Church who had not bowed my knees to Baal, and was considering leaving the denomination. Then I began to hear what the rank and file members of the UMC were saying around the nation, and realized that the general agencies, Council of Bishops, the Methodist Hour, and the Mississippi UMC Advocate, only spoke for a very small minority of Methodists. This encouraged me to take a second look at my calling. As a result,I have been convicted to stay! However I do not agree with those who call our "leadership" apostate. An apostate is one who has been there and fallen back. I truely don't believe that people like Joe Sprague, Melvin Talbert, or Violet Fisher have ever been anywhere to fall back from. On the authority of Romans 1:28, I consider them to be reprobates. And I make this judgment on the authority of I Corinthians 5:9-13.
editors note:  
Be encouraged! Preach the hell out of the United Methodist Church until you get the hell out of the United Methodist Church!

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