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UM Bishop Promises To Move UMC Toward Homosexuality At Next General Conference... Maybe

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Subject: [rum-nc] Statement from Bishop Gwinn

The statement the Bishop referred to Monday night appears in the January/February NC Conference Christian Advocate that I received in the mail today. They have not taken down the old web site for the Advocate, but has not been updated. The conference website doesn't include the Advocate.

His lenghty statement on 1032 is the usual equivocation of a politician and not very revealing. He states that he expects the situation will be changed at the 2008 General Conference so to just be patient. The Bishops want to maintain their authority, and that is the issue that is of primary concern to them. Let's hope that after listening to us, we helped nudge him along a little although I agree with Jeane that we probably didn't change his mind on the upholding the basic stance of the church and the current wording of the Discipline.

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