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When Bishops Were Faithful (1927)

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From Bishop Warren A. Candler (Methodist Episcopal Church-South)

The Christ of the Creed: The Jarrell Lectures for 1927, Delivered Before Emory University

Pentecostal Publishing Co., 1927 (a book I came across in the Univ. of Ga. library)

"[The Church] cannot endure 'perverse disputings' with the 'household of faith.' From [those] who, having obtained admittance into the sacred company, disturb its tranquility and destroy its harmony..., she rightly withdraws herself and justly excludes them from her fellowship. In so doing, she commits no offense against freedom of thought or speech, nor does she invade any person's rights. In such cases she does no more than that which all secular bodies and organizations do with less reason and justification...."

"The right of an individual to think what he will and speak as he pleases cannot be allowed to overthrow the right of a number of people who hold the same faith to combine to propagate the beliefs which they hold in common and to achieve the practical ends to which their beliefs lead. If the liberty of one man may overrun the liberty of many..., then freedom of thought and speech for all... ceases to have any value whatsoever....

"If the Church is compelled to admit to its fellowship [those] who reject its beliefs, and to entrust its offices to [those] who reject its creed, its existence as a household, or family, is at once at an end, and it passes into an exhibition of ecclesiastical gladiators enacting a diverting spectacle for the entertainment of a rabble of confused onlookers."


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