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End UM "Open Doors" Ad Campaign - UM Denomination "teaches bigotry and hatred"

This is an open letter to United Methodist Communications (UMCom) members and staff.

In the interest of truth in advertising, we respectfully request that UMCom withdraw all references to the current [advertising] slogan "Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors." Based on Judicial Council Decision 1032 of Oct. 29, in which the council declared that admitting a person to membership in the United Methodist Church is a matter of discretion for the pastor in charge of a local church, we feel that such action by UMCom is imperative.

Decision 1032 makes the statement that the doors of United Methodist churches are open to all untrue and leads to our feeling that such language is false advertising on the part of the UMC.

As persons who grew up in the church and are committed to the principles of Christian living we learned from the UMC and its predecessor, the Methodist Church, we can no longer say our churches teach those principles. Judicial Council Decision 1032 teaches bigotry and hatred, not the principles of Christian living.

Please put this matter on the agenda for the next meeting of United Methodist Communications or its executive committee. We respectfully request that the members of UMCom release a vote count along with their reasons for the result of that vote.

- Sally Curtis AsKew
Member, Temple UMC, Athens (Georgia)
- Sally Brown Geis, Denver

Editor's Note:
   Sally Curtis AsKew and Sally Brown Geis are two former members of the UM Judicial Council. 

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