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We Do Not Need The Bishops' "New Thing"

Bishops Intentionally Confuse Homosexuality Issue In Pastoral Letter
David A. Carpenter,M.D.

The above comments state the case succinctly: Love the sinner; Hate the sin. By not confirming this principle and introducing a mixed message into its affirmation of the Judicial Council's ruling, the Bishops remind me of  "salt that has lost its savor".

A Google search of this subject brings up an article by Bishop Tuel called "Doing a new thing." In it he states that he was wrong to condemn the practice of homosexuality. This revelation came to him in the course of a church trial in which he came to the "revelation " that homosexuality was "a state of being, not a sin (The letter of St. Paul to the Romans not withstanding).

The fact that a sitting Methodist Bishop presumes to request (and require?) us poor lay people to trust his revelation instead of the scriptures and the repeated rulings of the Quadrennial conference is a symptom of the state of our Church and might help to explain why our denomination has lost membership steadily since we abandoned our " First Love" in the turbulent 60's.

The young people who flock to the evangelical churches are not going there because of inclusiveness or easy-going theology. They are drawn to a church who preaches holiness, spiritual accountability and repentance.

Martin Luther defied his Bishop because he could not accept his "New Thing." We should do the same. The Methodist Bishops need to search there hearts and ask themselves, "What Would Jesus Do?" He did not tell Nicodemus that he could be born again unless he was changed. No doubt Our Lord loved Nicodemus; but his salvation was conditional upon accepting His Lordship and all that went with it.

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