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Pro-homosexuality Cal-Nevada UM Bishop Plans Regional Event To Oppose High Court Ruling

Clergy and Laity, Cal-Nevada Annual Conference

For Immediate Release

Thursday service to call Cal-Nevada United Methodists to Commune for Acceptance for All

Bishop Beverly J. Shamana and the Conference Ministry Staff are inviting United Methodists from around the California-Nevada region to join her Thursday, Nov. 17 at Noon in Sacramento for a special outdoor communion service to demonstrate the openness of United Methodists in the region, following a highly controversial church court ruling that supports a pastor’s right to deny homosexuals membership into the United Methodist Church.

Bishop Shamana is calling on all United Methodists in the California-Nevada Annual (regional) Conference to “manifest a true vision of Christianity, showing compassion for all,” and live into the promise of Open Hearts Open Minds Open Doors that has come to symbolize the United Methodist Church and its 8 million members.

“We have had members come to us saying they don’t know if they can stay in a church that does not practice what it preaches,” says Shamana. “We want them to know we are a church with open doors.”

Calling the ruling by the Judicial Council deeply troubling, Bishop Beverly J. Shamana is urging all United Methodist Churches in the California-Nevada Annual Conference to join her in rejecting any decision that creates a barrier for those wanting to worship as United Methodists.

On Oct 31 the United Methodist Judicial Council ruled to support a Virginia United Methodist Church pastor in his decision not to allow a gay man to join his congregation.

Thursday, Nov. 17, Shamana, will celebrate an outdoor communion service, along with clergy and laity including members of the Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgendered community, at Centennial UMC inSacramento, 5401 Freeport Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95822.  The communion table will be a door that will symbolize the church’s promise to be open to everyone. Clergy are encouraged to wear stoles.

“This is a message we want everyone to hear clearly,” says Shamana.  “All persons are of sacred worth. All are recipients of God’s unconditional love. We can offer no less. While pastors have the responsibility to discern readiness for membership, homosexuality is not a barrier to membership.” 

For more information contact: Jeneane Jones, Director of Communications, (916) 374-1518.


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