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Pro-homosexuality UM Clergy Agree To Suspend Pastor For Refusing To Receive "In Your Face" Homosexual Into Church Membership


Homosexuality & the house of God
Minister's involuntary leave creates mixed feelings

By Tarryl Jackson/staff

For not allowing a gay person to join his church, the Rev. Edward Johnson, pastor of South Hill United Methodist Church, was placed on involuntary leave June 13, according to Carole Vaughn, director of communications at the Virginia Conference United Methodist Church.

Vaughn said the decision was made by the Board of Ordained Ministry and upheld by clergy members at the annual conference in Hampton.

The decision was met with mixed reactions among local clergy.

Johnson declined to comment on the matter.

"I don't believe that the act of homosexuality is compatible with the United Methodist teaching," said Steve Greer, pastor at St. John's United Methodist Church in Staunton. "Ed (Johnson) was trying to uphold that teaching. He was overruled."

Greer said he agrees with Johnson's stance and thinks there is a lack of understanding for what Johnson did.

"I'm very concerned about this," Greer said.

Greer said Johnson never had a mark against his career and that he was doing what was morally right by not letting the supposed self-avowed, un-repented homosexual be a member of the church...

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