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Letter to Bishop Morrison - "Do The Right Thing, Resign"

Bishop Morrison:

You seem bent on "doing the right thing." May I suggest that you do just that and RESIGN your position of honor and leadership within the United Methodist Church and seek for yourself a position within the Unitarian or Metropolitan or Wiccan groups. Those groups are already doing it "right" by your definition. Leave us poor Christian, Bible-believing United Methodists to be "wrong."

Thank you for at least having the courage to admit publicly where your heart really is.

Too bad we don't seem to have any TRULY RIGHT thinking Bishops with the intestinal fortitude to make a stand for the Bible, for Wesleyan Methodism and for the SANCTITY of marriage as intended in God's plan.

Sign me an elder in the UMC who is ashamed that you are a Bishop in the same denomination--


Martin W. Corie
Associate Minister,
Broadmoor UMC
Baton Rouge, LA

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