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Bishop Morrison Makes Public Statements Promoting Homosexual Marriage–"Bishops Blake, Where do you stand?"

January 24, 2000

Bishop Bruce P. Blake
Oklahoma Annual Conference
Oklahoma City, OK

Dear Bishop Blake, To put it mildly, I am highly disappointed with Bishop Susan Morrison and her public statements regarding homosexual marriage. In case you haven't read the statement, I have included a copy for your viewing. It was published in the Rutland, Vermont newspaper. Now before you start with the "it's her opinion" type of defense, let me say I agree, it is her opinion. But, as a Bishop of the United Methodist Church she has taken a vow to uphold the Discipline of the UMC and as such her signature on this document runs directly counter to that discipline.

Over the past several years there have been numerous incidents similar to this, ie: The Denver 15 at GC96. We are now close to GC2000 and still fighting the same battles over and over.

Bishop Blake, just where do you stand on the homosexual marriage and ordination problem? I have not seen any comments from you disagreeing even mildly with those who would seek to undermine our BOD and at the same time our orthodox understanding of Scriptures.

Bishop Blake, if you indeed differ from those infidels whose interpretation of Scripture runs contrary to two thousand years of church history and teaching, now is the time to speak up for orthodox Christianity. But Bishop, if you favor that group or are one who is of the ilk of unity at any price, your silence will be understood. Bishop, now is the time for leadership from our remaining evangelical, orthodox bishops. Silence cannot be condoned any longer. Choose, Bishop, and let the world know where you stand. Leadership demands it, the church demands it and faithful, orthodox Christians of the United Methodist denomination deserve it.

Jake Barker
Member FUMC Checotah
Rt 4 Bx 951A
Eufaula, OK 74432

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