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Methodist Women's College Crashes Because Wealthy UM Women's Division Refuses To Help

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Thanks for copying my article over to the UCMPage.org. This past week, Wood College sent letters to all its employees, telling them that there would be no employment contracts this year. The trustees are meeting this coming Monday (5/13/02) to figure out what to do with the college, should they shut it down, shift its focus, or what. In any case, the Women's Division (United Methodist Women) has been pretty dang effective in killing this Christian ministry. The UMC Women's Division own all the buildings, and they don't do upkeep unless it's absolutely unavoidable. Half the buildings don't have A/C, and the other half doesn't have heat. They used to have, but their HVAC systems are so dilapidated that they can no longer be repaired, and the WD isn't maintaining their properties. One person recently referred to the Women's Division as "Methodist absentee slumlords".

These people in New York don't seem to understand that if Wood College closes (which is looking like it's almost unavoidable), all they'll have in Mathiston, Miss. is land that has no commercial value, buildings that will soon be unusable, and a very black smudge on their name. (The biggest and newest commercial site in town is a garment factory, Red Kap Industries. It's 12 year old building and plant now sits vacant, with no buyers in sight. Red Kap moved their operations to Mexico. They were the last big employer in the town. Wood College is now the biggest employer in town, at least for another couple of weeks.)

If the Women's Division transferred the land and building deeds to the college, the balance sheet for the college would be as strong as similar schools, they would have the balance sheet/financial strength to satisfy the SACS accreditation committee, and this ministry of the UMC could continue. It would require NO MONEY from the Women's Division, just a transfer of the deeds. Yet, the WD clings to the deeds, and the college is now deeply imbedded in an accreditation crisis (without accreditation, credits don't transfer, and no federal student aid is available).

Transferring assets that are of no financial value to anyone other than the college is such a no brainer, yet the Women's Division still clings to the assets. Maybe "no brainer" isn't such a bad description............

Thanks for your help. May our Lord and Savior continue to smile upon you.

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