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United Methodist Women Spreading The "Gospel Of Goddess" In New UM Circles

taken from: Networking in the Re-Imagining Community

Re-Imagining Small Group Happenings

…for inspiration…to make connections…for help finding resources…

Minneapolis, MN:

St. Paul, MN:

  • Jan, Julia, Carmen, Karen and Denise have been part of a Re-Imagining small group for five years.  They meet monthly in one another’s homes.  Their format includes a time for checking in, followed by the Sophia blessing sung to each person, discussion of a reading selected by someone in the group, a ritual prepared or selected by a member, and a closing hug.  They are currently reading Quantum Theology:  Spiritual Implications of the New Physics by Diarmuid O’Murchu (New York, NY:  Crossroad Publishing Co. 1997). (8/00)
  • “There comes a time in the life of a small group when you begin to trust each other enough to want to become more involved with each other’s lives.  Our monthly meetings never gave us enough time for both study and catching up on what was happening in our lives.  So we planned an overnight retreat.  We gave each of the six members some uninterrupted time to talk about the impact that freedom has had upon their life.  After each person told their story, the group took time to probe more deeply, challenge and encourage, react, and give advice.  The talks were peppered with poems and quotes.  We all feel that we have gone from a cadre of women brought together by intellectual and spiritual concerns to a group of friends who love and support each other.  The retreat happened to be on the very day of a significant birthday for one of us and all that sharing put us in a very celebratory mood.  We painted our fingernails bright purple, put on tattoos, blew bubbles, ate M&M’s (plain and peanut), and on and on.  It was a great way to affirm the freedom we felt as women celebrating our lives together.”  (11/98)


  • The California Sophia Circle, a Delta District Unit of United Methodist Women, continues to meet and grow.  The group uses Re-Imagining as its meeting focus.  For more information, e-mail Elaine Jacobsen at ejacobsen@vikingbridges.com.
  • Long Beach, CA:  A group called Women-Church has been meeting since 1990 to tell stories and discuss subjects of interest.  The group meets the second Sunday of each month from 3-5 p.m.  Call Rev. Grace Jones Moore at (562)595-0268 for more information. (5/99)
    Claremont, CA:  A retirement community for Christian workers in Claremont called Pilgrim Place holds a monthly forum on women’s issues.  Community members eat the noon meal together and hold table prayers using inclusive language.  There are small groups and book discussions for women, and the group used tapes from the 1998 Revival for discussion. (2/99)


  • New Haven, CT:  The Sophia's Circle, a re-imagining community of women and men honoring and re-imagining our faith, embracing our call to justice, plans and holds feminist worship events.  For information about the group or upcoming events, contact Charlotte White at r&cwhite@cshore.com. (06/08)


  • For information about The WOMEN AND THEALOGY Re-Imagining small group in Clinton, Iowa contact Lois at seger.loisbob@mcleodusa.net.


  • Atlanta, GA:  Circle of Grace Community Church is a group of women and men who meet weekly on Sunday nights at 6:00 pm for worship and prayer and to re-imagine our Christian faith!  Our group is small, but diverse...women, men, children, gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, people of color, people with disabilities, younger, older, single, partnered, from all different religious, social, economic backgrounds.  All are welcome!  For more information, contact Shelly Hart, member, at shart@emory.edu


  • Wanted: Individuals in the Omaha - Council Bluffs area who would be interested in forming a reimagining small group. The content and schedule for meeting will be decided by those who indicate interest. We will plan on having an organizational meeting at the end of August, and go from there!  Please contact Deborah Boucher-Payne at debrev@aol.com if you are interested.

New Mexico:

  • The Santa Fe Re-Imagining Ecumenical Women’s Group sponsored a weekend with Chris Smith of United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities in March of 2000.  For information, contact Betty Kersting at sfkerst@rt66.com. (05/01)
  • Christine Smith will lead a seminar titled, "Risking the Terror:  Resisting Crucifixions--Embodying Resurrection" from July 9-16, 2001, at Ghost Ranch.  See the Ghost Ranch Summer Bulletin for details; telephone 1-505-685-4333.  To contact the Santa Fe Re-Imagining Community, write Freda Elliott at sffredae@aol.com, Betty Kersting at sfkerst@rt66.com, Mary Ann Lundy at willun@qwest.net, or Jeanne McGown at jsfnm@aol.com.  (05/01)

New York:

  • "Wanted: Third Wave Reimaginer Spirituality Circle/Social Group for those of us in the New York City Area.  All who are interested, please contact Carrie Brunken at cmbrunken@yahoo.com  Once I get a general idea of who is interested, the planning can begin!"


  • Cleveland, OH:  Wednesday Women 's Spirituality Gathering
    Wednesday evenings    7 - 9 PM, May 9th - Aug. 29th.   Join  a group of people gathering together to explore a variety of writings on  Spiritual  themes;  to create a welcoming space for support, discussion and fun; and to experience the magic of connecting with the Divine.  This  will  be  an  open group.  All are welcome to any meeting.  You don't need to be there every week.  Please contact Diane at schurrd@ucc.org, or the Re-Imagining Community if you have any questions.  And know that you are welcome.  The  following  is  a  list  of the topics or books to be discussed on eachnight.   People are encouraged to get a copy to the two complete books that we  will  be  using:  Dreaming  the  Dark  by Starhawk and The Dance of the Dissident  Daughter  by  Sue  Monk  Kidd.  Copies of the single chapters or selections  will  be available at the meeting a couple weeks ahead of time, or by calling Diane.
         May 9th   -    Introduction
         May 16th  -    Dreaming the Dark by Starhawk
         May 23rd  -         "    "    "
         May 30th  -         "    "    "
         June 6th  -    No Meeting
         June  13th  -     Discussion  about the Reclaiming Tradition camp that Diane will have just returned from
         June  20th  -   Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés "The Little Match Girl" pgs 318-326
         June 27th -    Women Who Run With the Wolves, "The Three Gold Hairs" pgs 327-333
         July 4th  -    No official meeting, maybe something fun
         July 11th -    No Meeting
         July  18th   -  The Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd
         July 25th      -         "    "     "    "    "    "
         Aug.  1st  -    Weaving the Visions edited by Judith Plaskow and Carol P. Christ "Grandmother  of  the Sun" by Paula Gunn Allen pgs 22-28
         Aug. 8th  -    Weaving the Visions "God  is Inside You and Inside Everybody Else" by Alice Walker pgs 101-104
         Aug. 15th  -    Dear Heart, Come Home by Joyce Rupp "Midlife  Transformation:  Shedding  the Skin" pgs 104-119
         Aug. 22nd      -    To be determined
         Aug. 29th      -         "

Washington State

  • Lacey, WA:  A small gathering of Christian women:  “Twice a month we share ‘life stories’ and discuss a chapter from the book The Feminine Face of God.  We are adult women searching for and seeking to know God intimately through the Spirit.  We have committed to each other to keep our conversations in confidence, to listen without interrupting by using a talking stick, and to encourage each other to find peace in our lives.  We are open to new members.  We are currently deciding on a name, not rushing it, just waiting patiently for God’s direction on a name and our covenant.  We do not have one leader—we all share responsibility for the group—however, if you are interested in knowing more about us you can contact Susie at szych@aol.com.” (2/99)


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