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Lesbian Activist's Songs Are All The Gospel UM Women Need

 —By Dr. Janice Crouse

Emily Saliers, one half of the lesbian group Indigo Girls, grew up singing in church choirs but considers herself a “religious mutt” at odds with organized religion. Why is she the choice to be a keynote speaker at the Women’s Division Assembly of The United Methodist Church this year?

In an article by Van Gower on www.sovo.com Miss Saliers says, “You hear people talk about spirituality and being named and known by God. When you’ve been lonely or homeless in your soul, when you finally find a home [through music], that’s a spiritual gift.” Where is this grounded in Scripture, informed by Christian tradition, enlivened in experience and tested by reason as reflected in the doctrinal heritage of the UMC?

It sounds like the people Miss Saliers described have a God-shaped void in their hearts, not a music-shaped void, and they need to hear the Good News, not the feel-good news.

Miss Saliers, writing in “A Song to Sing, A Life to Live,” gives her perception of the people she saw on an Indigo Girls’ tour. She said that “people whose souls seemed homeless find a home and family in particular songs that called their name.” She then adds, “This whole calling to each other and naming each other is so powerful. I can’t think of anything else that speaks to it so powerfully as music can.”

How about the life and death of Jesus Christ?

It sounds as if the people at her concerts are lost and seeking. Miss Saliers seems to think she has what they need in her music. Will her appearance at the Women’s Division Assembly enlighten the women on how Jesus provided the way to peace, salvation and eternal life for those lost people? Or will it be how the Indigo Girls have what those people are seeking or need as expressed through their world view tinged with moral relativism and socialism?

What is the real message that Miss Saliers has that the Women’s Division desires the Assembly to hear?

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