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Official UM Women Website Dabbles With Heresy In "Jesus And Courageous Women Article"

From: Audrey Vance rabvance@charter.net
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 12:51 AM
To: ucmpage@ucmpage.org
Subject: Jesus and Courageous Women

I visited the official website of the Methodist Church, www.umc.org, and began reading Jesus and Courageous Women. Quotes are included in these lessons from Gnostic teachings, and references are made to the "repressive patriarchal society" in Old Testament times. I was shocked and angered by these teachings. This is not scriptural. Could you please look into this. I have e-mailed the umc page, and if I do not receive a response, I will investigate further. I will do this very soon (tomorrow) if I don't have a response. If I can contact someone else, please tell me who that might be. These teachings have no place in Christian learning. They could even be a hindrance to a person who is young in their Christian walk. Thank you for your help.

Audrey Vance


From: John Warrener
To: Audrey Vance
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 7:00 AM
Subject: RE: Jesus and Courageous Women


Good to hear from you again.

As you will surely find from your investigation, there is no discipline in the UMC. The only forum for reform is to inform others of the obvious apostasy (disobedience to doctrine) and heresy (teaching false doctrine) of the UMC's agencies and leadership. Some Bishops and women's leaders have been "Croned" as witches! The opening worship at the UMW conference at Orlando opened with a witchcraft ceremony.

The UCMPage.org is my effort to inform. I will be honored and pleased to share your findings with the internet community of believers. If you like, I can let you have a series of articles (column) to inform.

My website receives from 12 to 24 thousand hits per day.

May I publish you email on the UCMPage.org? It may begin your ministry of the truth. Truth in the Bible language means to be "without hiding." There is a lot hidden from the eyes of those who are members of a local church.

Love in Christ,

John, OSMA <><
Rev. John Warrener, MDiv. MBA
Holy Hands Christian Ministries
1637 Maryland Drive
Albany, GA 31701



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