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UM Women's Org Promotes Re-imagined Goddess Worship At Quadrennial Meeting, Again

The quadrennial Women's Division Assembly began yesterday in Philadelphia. As Jim mentions in his update, Faye Short and a team from Renew are there. Please keep them in your prayers--these will be difficult days for them. Someone said to me not long ago that they didn't envy Faye and the team--that the Assembly was the only place she had ever attended where people would take the handout she was giving out and tear it up and throw the pieces in her face. One of the plenary speakers at this assembly will be the same woman (Barbara Lundblad) who boasted, to a cheering, laughing audience at the first Re-Imagining Conference in 1993: "We did not last night name the name of Jesus. Nor have we done anything in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." She went on to advocate for the acceptance of lesbian practice, and referred to Jesus as the "child of Sophia" and to God as "Sophia." UMW pledge dollars at work.....!


Helen Rhea Stumbo

Good News Update

Greetings to you from here at Good News. I trust this finds you well.

I write to urge you to join us in praying for the upcoming United Methodist Women's Assembly that begins this evening (Thursday, April 25th) in Philadelphia. If previous such assemblies are an indicator, there will be some 10,000 women in attendance. These are just held once in a quadrennium.

Please pray often and specifically for our RENEW President, Faye Short and the team of women that she has going to the Assembly. Joining Faye will be Diane Knippers, Ruth Burgner, Katie Keyser, Lauren Keyser, Robin Lawson, Kim Turkington, Andrea Yates, Ruth Velasquez, Karen Booth, and Donna Hailson. Also, there will be some 15 women from the Philadelphia area there to help in a variety of supportive roles.

Faye told me Tuesday that the RENEW Hospitality Room will be at the Hilton Garden Inn adjacent to the Convention Center. Please pray for the many contacts that the team will make with United Methodist Women who will be gathering from across the nation and from other countries. They will have presentations given Friday and Saturday afternoons from 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m., which is free time for the delegates.

This event is timely in that RENEW and Good News' Call for Reform of the Women's Division has been getting more and more attention. UMW unit presidents are beginning to ask questions and have not been satisfied with the non-answers coming from the New York leadership. So, this will be a time for conversation and the sharing of information and materials.

Please pray for Faye and the team. Whatever materials they distribute will have to be done outside the convention center most likely. They have never been permitted to distribute materials inside. The atmosphere can sometimes be less than pleasant, so please pray for the team that the Lord will give them a cover of spiritual protection. Also, pray for UMW members and officers who will be there. Pray they will have discernment about what they hear and see. Pray that they will have the courage to speak up and voice their concerns about Women's Division policies and positions.

God bless you richly.

Yours in Christ,

James V. Heidinger II


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