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UMReporter Gives Ultimatum To UCMPage.org Editors: No More Editorial Headlines Of Our Editorial Headlines!

From: Smith, Steve Ssmith@umr.org
Sent: Friday, February 28, 2003 1:20 PM
To: 'jwarrene@ucmpage.org'
Subject: Pastor John

John: We at the United Methodist Reporter have a problem with the way you are posting our stories on your Web site.

We object to the way you are characterizing our stories in your editorialized headlines. For example, you wrote a completely inaccurate headline to our story about President Bush and his moral stances. Your head, "UMReporter Paints President Bush . . . " is TOTALLY INACCURATE and leaves the wrong impression in the minds of people who may read it.

So, we're giving you a choice:

1) Continue to post our stories but do NOT make an editorial statement. Put the RIGHT headline on it. Do not write a headline that misrepresents our story.

2) Take us off your Web site and do NOT link to it.

We'll be monitoring your site closely to see which choice you pick.


Steve Smith
Associate Editor
United Methodist Reporter
2400 Lone Star Drive
Dallas, TX 75212-6309
214.630.6495, X150
800.947.0207, X150
214.630.0079 -- fax

Editor's note: In our editorial headline I am saying the same thing that you are with the headline you have linked to in your story concerning President Bush's theology and Wesley's theology.  You have misrepresented them both.

So, we're giving you a choice:

1) Be more honest in your reporting and do not misrepresent President Bush's and John Wesley's theologies.

2) Post an editorial in the UMReporter regarding what you perceive as the UCMPage's "TOTALLY INACCURATE" headlines and you MAY link to my website as you have in the past.  That is what others have done.

We will be monitoring your site as we always have and make editorial comments upon your editorial reports.

Be Notified: We will also be reporting every exchange we will have in the future, electronic or otherwise.

After all this is the USA, where press freedom, public debate and free speech is prized and protected, and not Iraq where people are threatened and intimidated by dictators.

Love in Christ,

The editors of the UCMPage.org


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