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Dissatisfied Conservatives Look To Unofficial Sources Of News In Light Of Current Official UM News Bias

From: WSTPRKUMC@aol.com
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Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2000 6:44 PM
Subject: Official press falls short...

Friends Online...

If you get your church news from NEWSCOPE and UM REPORTER, you don't have the gospel edge.

The shortcomings of UMC publications were apparent in the downplay of evangelical voices (such as Bishop Kulah) at General Conference...and now their neglect of the Church Crisis in California. Forget about cleansing official mouthpieces of liberal bias. What we need is an alternative voice in newspaper format.

Best example is PRESBYTERIAN LAYMAN...very effective, read by tens of thousands in and out of PCUSA, and extremely well greased with dollars.

UMDECISION2000 was also very effective as a gospel trumpet...and well greased with dollars. We need SCOTT FIELD & GOOD NEWS TEAM to continue networking and disseminating to us...right through the run-up to Pittsburgh 2004.

Do we have their commitment? If not, shall we ask for it?

Gary Starkey PNWAC

From: candlc2@juno.com
To: jwarrene@surfsouth.com 
Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2000 12:18 AM

The folks at United Methodist Reporter just don't get it!

Instead of lifting up and celebrating actions of the General Conference, the Reporter celebrated all the ins and outs of the opposition. It is as if the Reporter is already aiming at 2004, hoping the opposition will finally triumph. The photos and headlines all focused on demonstrations, dissidents, and hoopla. One could easily get the impression those wanting to change the Discipline had almost succeeded, even though the vote to retain the denomination's stand was actually strengthened.

The Reporter gave those who worked for maintaining our historical and Biblical faith little notice and little credit.

Perhaps we should not be surprised. Many of us have thought the paper has been quite unfair for the last two years leading up to conference time.

If you disagree, it will be good to get your point of view.

I believe a national denominational paper should represent the denomination, and the Reporter has not done so. So I ask:

Can a write-in campaign get the paper to change its editorial and reporting policies, or is its present personnel so hidebound it cannot change?

Should individuals, churches, districts, and conferences cease to subscribe?

Can another national Methodist organ be established?

Should we encourage conferences to reestablish their own Advocates, etc.?


Two factors are always at work favoring change:

1. A human tendency or desire to be "avant garde," a psychological disease giving persons a sense of importance if they can lead a parade to something new.

2. The media's tendency to push whatever is novel, with little regard to its worth or harm.

Though these are driving forces in secular society, they must be resisted by persons responsible for church publications. The Methodist Reporter's staff should uphold the church's disciplinary requirements and encourage readers to do likewise.

Charles F. Cooley

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