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Northern Illinois Leader To Meet With Editors To Make Case For UM News Source Bias

From: Rev. Kent Svendsen godrilla@accessus.net
Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2000 1:31 PM
Subject: Upcoming Meeting

It is possible that by making a public declaration that there will be a protest against the UM Reporter and press release at the upcoming Religious Communication Congress to be held in Chicago that something might come of it. I received a call for our conference office asking me if I would come in and sit down to talk with Linda Rhodes (NIC editor [UMR]) and Rev. Phil Blackwell or conference staff. I assume that the subject is my accusations against the reporter concerning their use of censorship and biased reporting techniques. The meeting will be in early February. If anyone has any comments as to this subject or examples of censorship or bias please forward them to me.

Note: I will be sharing them and in that manner they will become public. So if you want to be Mr. or Miss or Mrs. anonymous do that.


Linda S. Rhodes Naperville IL is a member of the pro-homosexuality Reconciling Church Movement

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