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50+ Year Member of the UMC says, "Goodbye" Unfaithful Denomination

From:  On Behalf Of Leverette Hayes
Sent: Sunday, March 06, 2005 12:07 PM
To: Friends@nicvoice.org
Subject: Goodbye

I was a Methodist for 52 years, but I can no longer be a part of a church that wants to debate the Divinity of Jesus Christ and the validity of the Bible.

I have fought the battles of the church all this time. I have grown weary of all the wasted time, effort and money spent in causes other than preaching the Gospel and ministering to those in need. I have found a church that knows who the Lord is and knows that the Bible is God's Holy Word.

This church is busy taking the Gospel to the world instead of debating the selfish interests of it clergy and church leaders. They are also busy ministering the poor and needy. This is what I believe Jesus Christ called the Church to do. This is where I will serve the Lord as best I can until He calls me home.

Leverette Hayes


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