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Faithful Layman Gives Up Losing Battle To Reform UM ApostasyŚMoving On To More Biblical Denomination

From: ceast99@earthlink.net
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2004 9:11 PM
To: MDSH@AmMethCh.org
Subject: The American Methodist Church

Dear Michael,

Please forgive my being slow in responding to your previous emails.
I want to wish you and John [Warrener] every success in establishing your new church.

For the past five years, I have tried to be a voice in combating the growing apostasy in the UMC. My bishop and D.S. have consistently stonewalled multiple emails that I have sent to them during the past several months. My Senior Pastor is the ultimate company man and refuses to step forward and be counted unless it is "safe" in the eyes of his superiors. He still does his best to drag his feet in the wake of some of us who formed Covenant Keepers as a vehicle to keep the laity of our congregation informed. In addition, I have served as a Stephen Minister and the past two years as a Disciples instructor. I think that I have been a good soldier.

At 68, I'm growing weary of the fight. We have been betrayed by a corrupt hierarchy of church bureaucrats who continue to validate more concern for radical left-wing agendas than in the Great Commission.
The majority of the denomination's members are either uninformed or don't want to be bothered with taking a stand.

The last straw for me will probably be the Dammann show trial. By the end of May, I will have completed my Disciples Class and 2004 General Conference will be history. In the absence of restoring moral absolutes in the UMC, my wife and I will move on to an established Bible-based church that is more concerned with saving souls than advancing the homosexual agenda.

God Bless,

Charles East
Holy Covenant UMC
Katy, Texas

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