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More Complaints Flow From UM Childrens' Hospital

From: Judy L. Stockrahm
Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2002 10:45 PM
To: 'John Warrener'
Subject: FW: Document1 (United Methodist)

Dear Sir,

We, (Vanessa Campbell & Jennifer Hopper & myself) all experienced a hostile work environment while at United Methodist [United Methodist Behavioral Hospital at Maumelle Arkansas]. We worked with Leo Wilburd and are hoping that you or someone can assist in assuring a better environment for the children being served at Methodist and it's current and upcoming employees. No one should ever experience what we all went through. The unprofessional atmosphere drove us from our jobs to seek shelter elsewhere.

Thank You,
Judy Stockrahm, M.Ed

June 18, 2002

Neill Sloan, Chairman
Board Of Directors
United Methodist Children's Home

Don Cole, Chairman
Board Of Directors
United Methodist Behavioral Hospital

Dear Chairman Sloan and Chairman Cole:

This letter is to inform you of my concerns regarding the Education Department and Elizabeth Sadler. I was hired as a Special Education teacher at UMBH for the 2001-2002 school year. I chose the option of a twelve-month contract as opposed to a ten-month contract as a Day School teacher. I have taught at two other Psychiatric Hospitals. I resigned in early May due to Mrs. Sadler's unprofessional comments and lack of support. I have attempted to address my concerns through the proper channels without satisfactory results.

1. Unprofessionalism

Mrs. Sadler's constant use of profanity was distressing. Every conversation was littered with profanity. If I asked for supplies I was told that there was "No f---___ money, so don't ask." She used derogatory profanity when referring to the Administration, Medical Director and staff at both UMCH and UMBH. She was rarely at UMBH and because of that, on occasion, we needed to ask her a question regarding problems or concerns. Many times she would not answer her phone or return messages. So, I resorted to e-mail, which also often went unanswered. I have since learned that she often had staff at UMCH Day Treatment lie to me. She asked them to tell me she was in a meeting or busy. Then she would make a comment such as " She is driving me f---__ crazy, can't she do her job? If not, then she just needs to go to the house." Many times she told me that the reason she was not at UMBH was because Andy wasn't paying her anything "and if he wanted her there then he better by God f- pay me." She also attempted to create turmoil and distrust among teachers and Direct Care Staff by discussing our inadequacies with each teacher and Direct Care Staff. This in turn created a dangerous situation for both staff and students. We must work as a team to insure safety and present a united front for students. She also shared personal, confidential comments with co-workers told to her in confidence including salaries, personal family situations and other employee's lack of professionalism.

2. Lack of support and guidance

Many requests were made by teachers for guidance on filling out hospital paperwork and required Education Department forms. Her response was, "This is a no-brainer. Come on you guys, you have Special Education Degrees. Didn't you have to do this at other places?" I explained that every place is different and just wanted to make sure we were doing it the UMBH and her way. She told me one day that "No offense, but I will never hire another teacher from another facility. You are too hard to train." Her continued absence from UMBH required extra work for all teachers. I was expected to teach six hours per day, prepare individual lesson plans for each student (following Individual Education Plans (IEP) for disabled students), grade papers,  complete daily charting on each student, complete admission and discharge paperwork, maintain Data Collection Sheets on all students with an IEP, return phone calls from schools, parents, probation officers and DHS caseworkers and document all conversations. I also scheduled any outside services (Speech Therapy) as required by studentís Individual Education Plan. Also, I was to attend weekly staffing meetings with Physicians, unit meetings and keep Physician, therapist and unit nurse informed of child's behavior in class. Many times I stayed late, worked on  weekends and brought non-confidential material home to work on. Many times I felt that paperwork was more important to Mrs. Sadler than performing the job I was hired to do, teach! This was extremely overwhelming at times.

3. Defamation Of Character

On April 12, 2002, Mrs. Sadler attended the weekly 591 Meeting and stated that she needed teachers, send all teachers her way because all of hers were "worthless" and that she had a substitute teacher that knows more than her certified teachers. Representatives of Pulaski County Special School District, Little Rock School District, DHS and Directors of Education from all local Psychiatric Hospitals and Day Treatment Programs attended this meeting. This comment was damaging to our professional reputations, not to mention UMBH and UMCH. This comment prompted my resignation. I requested, in my letter of resignation, to be considered for another position within the hospital, one not under her direct supervision.

Six certified teachers began their employment on August 20, 2001 and of this date only one remains employed. Several substitute teachers have also quit. This is of great concern regarding continuity and trust with the students.



Jennifer Hopper, BSE
Maumelle, AR 72113



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