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UMAction Org Pleads Don't Leave Sick Denomination

Don’t Leave Our Church!

Stay and Work for Reform!

† We tell you the painful truth about what has gone wrong with The United Methodist Church: unfaithfulness and far-left partisan politics by too many high church officials. We don’t enjoy bringing you bad news, but we must tell the truth.

† The good news is the growing movement to restore Scriptural faithfulness in our church. More and more United Methodist are working together for reform and renewal.

† Don’t leave! Our great Methodist heritage is too valuable to be abandoned. Join with us to help The United Methodist Church return to its Wesleyan roots as a growing, evangelical, Christian church living Christ’s Great Commission: “Go and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19)

Source: http://www.ird-renew.org/documents/umactionmar2002_v8.pdf


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