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Surgeon General Nominee Condemned For Supporting UM Denomination's Teachings

Bush Surgeon General Nominee Condemned By Gay Groups

Friday , June 08, 2007

WASHINGTON Dr. James Holsinger, the nominee to be the next surgeon general, is facing tough questions from gay rights groups that say his religious beliefs will prevent him from being a fair public health advocate.

Chief among their concerns are unfavorable decisions for homosexuals that Holsinger made as an official for the United Methodist Church, a position paper he wrote in 1991 that said homosexuality is not "complementary" physically, and therefore leads to greater chance of disease and injury, and his role in the establishment of a Kentucky church in 2000.

Holsinger, a cardiologist, was Kentucky's top public health official, and also was chancellor of the University of Kentucky's medical center. In his nomination, President Bush said one of Holsinger's focuses would be on preventing obesity, something he was praised for in his state role back home...

...Holsinger's role on the national Judicial Council of the Methodist Church also is proving to be a source of concern for gay rights groups. He cast a dissenting vote in 2004 in a decision on whether to retain a pastor who was lesbian. The majority agreed to maintain her position. Last year, he also favored a pastor who wanted to block a gay man from joining his congregation...>>Full Story>>

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