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Transgender: Confusing Question For UM Hierarchy


Copyright Protected: Wayne Mayfield

This sexual identity may be very confusing to a lot of Christians, but it amazes me that it confuses so many of the hierarchy of the churches. I have a lot of ideas about this issue, but to the first degree (knowing God is not a liar) changing the creature into a lie and burning in lust of the most insane way the word reprobate (insanity) seems appropriate to me. Paul called this unnatural. Problem with the church today is there is a confusion between “God seeks everybody” while “many are just seeking the god of their special - self serving cause.”

While scientist marvel at the perfection of the universe, humans seem to be the imperfectly created part, or so the gay and liberal groups would have us believe. Much like most humanist agendas, they try and change the “appearance” of the issue to create a “same as …..” whatever they seek to change to be like is really something it is not. If you have to change it then it isn’t the same as whatever you want it to be like.

I was told once that if you put cow manure in a green bag, red bag, blue bag, or a plain brown bag, it still stinks like manure. Transgender does not mean same as and stinks. So why do some of the church leaders muddle in the manure while pretending there is no stink? When the prodigal son was in pig manure, he came to his senses! What’s the problem here?

I probably should stop here and hope enough has been said. But, we all know that doesn’t work well after all that has been said and written by those of us saddened by this remarkable issue in an Orthodox Church (it is still Orthodox, right?). So, to lead a clear path to an easy conclusion, I would implore the leaders of this issue to “get the beam out” and see clearly!

When an act of manipulation, and that is what changing sexuality really is, is believed to make God turn a blind eye to “reality” and “truth,” somebody didn’t read the plain text of the Bible. Saul tried this ploy when he brought cows and sheep out of a land he was to utterly destroy, disobeying God arrogantly. So, to make it appear it was ok he got real religious suddenly claiming it was for God. What did Saul say to him concerning God and manipulation? It’s witchcraft, untruth, and unjustifiable. [*1]

When a person claims to be a minister and covers an act forbidden with manipulation the act and state of being are worthy of the same words spoken to Saul. The audacity and arrogance is undeniable, at the least. Never did God give an exception! So, how can any so called believer even try and justify such as though they did it for good of God and the lost? The real truth here is simple, they can’t. This alone makes the person possessed by a lie, not practicing Christianity at all, at best a glossed over fake that is like the bags of manure. [*2]

This really makes one of faith sad because it throws away a chance to see a person change their heart to God and instead turn their heart to a final, unacceptable, unchangeable, situation that judges their heart for what it is, worldly and hardened. Sensuality is not compassion. Sin is not the same as righteousness. And cross gender is not the same as whatever sex the person changes to. Herein lies the dilemma the church seems to be confused about. And, I wonder how.

If the person, in the aftermath, realizes the human failure of their life choice, they would step from the pulpit and humbly accept responsibility for a major mistake. Alms worthy of God’s loving kindness, submission to God’s grace, and acceptance of God’s truth. And wouldn’t that be nice! They would be just a Christian finally, not a Christian Power in error. Hard choice?

Without this, the whole issue smacks of utter rebellion meant to sink good people, of good morals, into submission to rebellion that is the Great Original Sin issue. If this person really had a pastors heart, they would go to the cross and sacrifice their wants and desires for the real good of all even as our Savior did for us. That is a true pastor, a true shepherd‘s heart. This issue would end today.

I suppose the Judiciary would dance over that, then they would not have to be responsible either. But, I fear, they have judged themselves already.

John Wesley encountered something of this nature when he called the whole of Oxford to their knees for their arrogance, and to prove Wesley’s case, they arrogantly excused him from ministering to them ever again. This may be the sad epitaph of the Methodist Judiciary in this issue (you could probably include the Anglican Judiciary in this too).

How did the church get here with such a leader of truth guiding us in his “lifestyle” and not with some new interpretation of man/doctrinal law? Makes one on the outside wonder what a Methodist really is and whether this once Orthodox Church is just another fading hope in the historical dialog to the end of times. Since I’m Weslian based in my faith, I shudder at the thought.

Perhaps such dialog as this writing will strengthen the resolve of the unwavering Christians of our faith to just go beyond the rhetoric and nonsense of some of those not so well thinking leaders and carry the torch that those above them find too hard to bear.



[*1] Manipulation is the defiant act of rebellion, if you have a theological slant. Rebellion is a state, manipulation the act, and that creates a real issue called sin!

[*2] This would be like the Catholically Church in the dark ages selling blessing to cover sin making seem to be mild. Even devout Catholics today, and true Priests, will readily admit this is wrong. So, what special blessing does a transgender, supposed Pastor, think they have purchased? Sounds like a Judas thing to me!

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