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UM Senior Pastor Debuts Lesbian Youth and Children's Pastor

Methodist pastor reveals she is gay at Sunday service (Seattle Times excerpts)

The associate pastor of a Methodist church on Seattle's Beacon Hill announced during Sunday morning worship services that she's been a lesbian for about as long as she can remember.

The Rev. Kathleen Weber, associate pastor of children and youth services at Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church, shared her story during senior pastor David Nieda's sermon. The two had worked together to find the right moment, Nieda said...

....She has served at the church for four years and is in the process of being ordained.

....In 2001, the Rev. Karen Dammann, pastor at Seattle's Woodland Park United Methodist Church, declared she was living in a "partnered, covenanted, homosexual relationship."

Months later, the Rev. Mark Williams, who replaced Dammann as pastor at the church, announced at the annual meeting of the Pacific Northwest United Methodists, that he was a practicing gay man.

At that same meeting, the Rev. Katie Ladd revealed she is gay. Today, Ladd is pastor at Woodland Park United Methodist.

All three continue in good standing with the church, said Stanovsky.

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