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UM Pro-Life Org, LIFEWATCH, Objects To Bishop's "Baptism" Of Largest Nation Abortion Provider

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In late March and early April of this year, this story surfaced. In January 2002, Bishop Elias Galvan, of the Seattle Area of The United Methodist Church and the president of the Council of Bishops, appointed The Reverend Monica Corsaro to be a full-time chaplain of Planned Parenthood of Washington State. (Please keep in mind that Planned Parenthood is the leading advocate for, and the largest single provider of, abortions in American society.) According to reports, Rev. Corsaro is the first full-time chaplain for Planned Parenthood. Furthermore, according to reports, her duties will include counseling women considering abortion, supporting abortion-facility staff, reaching out to the larger religious community, and lobbying for abortion in the public arena. Consistent with her claim to be both "pro-choice" and "pro-faith," Rev. Corsaro has said: "It’s important to have someone [on staff] who can speak as a person of faith, speaking from her faith, for people of faith. And it’s important to have a religious voice for choice."

Clergy have always been warned not to "baptize" (that is, legitimate as Christian) the institutions of this world. Therefore, at their most faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, clergy have not baptized the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, the National Rifle Association or the AFL-CIO. But in this instance, The United Methodist Church, through the Pacific Northwest Conference’s appointment of Rev. Corsaro, is baptizing Planned Parenthood, its pro-abortion ideology, and its abortion services. This Planned Parenthood chaplaincy undercuts the faith of the Church, for the Church’s faith through the ages has advanced, now advances, and will advance the protection of unborn child and mother from abortion.

Some suggest that United Methodists should write to Bp. Galvan to protest the appointment of Rev. Corsaro to Planned Parenthood of Washington State. That is quite understandable. However, according to official, United Methodist teaching on abortion (Paragraph 161J in The Book of Discipline, 2000), Rev. Corsaro’s appointment is fitting and proper. Therefore, Rev. Corsaro’s chaplaincy at Planned Parenthood is yet another sign that The United Methodist Church’s current teaching on abortion is deeply flawed and in need of correction. (AgapePress, 4/2/02 and Seattle Times, 3/30/02)

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