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UM Church Hires Pagan Puppeteer To Bash Christopher Columbus To Church Children

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September 7, 2003 Native American Story Teller, Puppeteer, Musician to visit Chicago

Dayton Edmonds, a full-blooded Native American of the Caddo nation, will visit Chicago's Broadway United Methodist Church on October 10- 12, 2003. The weekend's events are sponsored by Broadway's Reconciling Ministries Committee, Religion and Race Committee, and Children's Education program.

Edmonds will give multiple presentations over the weekend. On Friday night from 7:30 pm 9:00 pm, Edmonds will spin classic Native American Stories of "The Inclusive and Diverse Community." On Saturday at 11 am, he will lead a workshop for children's educators. This will be followed by a 1:00 2:30 pm story telling session geared especially for elementary children and youth. At 7 pm on Saturday night, Edmonds will speak on Multiculturalism and the Native American experience, focusing on the assault of Columbus Day. On Sunday morning, Edmonds will preach at Broadway United Methodist Church's 9:15 and 11:15 am worship services.

Dayton Edmonds is a professional community developer in Southern Oregon and North Central Washington. He is also a retired missionary of the United Methodist Church with 25 years experience. Using storytelling, puppetry, music, visual art, and positive imaging, Dayton teaches sensitivity and awareness. Dayton has studied the lessons of nature, learned his philosophy from native peoples, and been formally schooled in music, business, theater, and art education. He draws his expertise from both an intrinsic understanding of the old values, customs, and stories which comprise the collective memories of his culture and the experiences of his past and present work. His lifestyle and daily work immerse him in community life and affairs, helping children, youth, elders, women, families, and people of color. He writes of his art: "My purpose is to tell the story, to pass it on so that others may hear, see, feel, and enjoy. As a storyteller, I strive to give a voice to the voiceless. As an artist, I seek to give a perspective from a different part of life's circle. The stories I tell and the artwork I create are to gently challenge people to grow."

For More Information Contact:

Todd Cheatham, Communications Committee Chair, Broadway United Methodist Church Tel: 1-773-348-2679; e-mail: lewis34@msn.com

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