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Official UM Worship Liturgy Goes "Muslim", Koran Becomes Newest Holy Book

From: Joseph Slife JSLIFE@crown.org
Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2001 10:37 AM
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Subject: Cokesbury offers liturgy based on Koran


Each week, Cokesbury makes available a free online resource for pastors, featuring sermon and liturgy ideas. This week's resource includes a call to worship based on the Koran.

Here it is:


A Call to Worship
by Sandra Herrmann

Leader: In the name of God, the merciful, let us pray:

People: Praise be to God, the Lord of all being, the merciful Lord of mercy, Master of the day of judgment.

Leader: You alone we serve; to You alone we come for aid.

People: Guide us in the straight path, the path of those whom You have blessed, not of those against whom there is displeasure, nor of those who go astray.

Leader: Our Lord, we have wronged our own souls. If You forgive us not and withhold Your mercy from us, we are altogether lost.

People: O my Lord, let security and truth precede and follow me wherever You lead me. Let authority and succor from Your presence be with me.

(Based on S7:23 and S17:80 in the Koran)


You can find the PDF of this at

Scroll down to page 4.

Sandra Herrmann is the pastor of Memorial United Methodist Church in Greeenfield, Wisconsin http://www.memorialumc.org/main.htm


The Cokesbury e-mail announcing this resource begins this way:

Dear Partner in Ministry,

Available free this week from Circuit Rider magazine and Abingdon Press: two sermon briefs, a call to prayer based on passages from the Koran, a pastoral prayer, and a litany for use in your planning for Sunday, November 11...

Thought you'd want to know.

Grace and peace,


Joseph Slife
Lay Leader
Gateway Church (UMC) - Athens GA


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