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Heretic Bishop's Clergy Bring Worship of Allah into Local UM Church


I have the paper print edition of the below article, that most likely will never be posted by sprague's propaganda service, so I've typed it for its own webpage.

The Reporter of the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church

Volume 1 Number 23
June 11, 2004
Page 1

The Rev. Diana Facemyer, pastor of St. Thomas UMC in Glen Ellyn [Illinois], participated in the dedication this spring of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community's mosque recently completed across the street from St. Thomas UMC on Route 53.

Members of St. Thomas UMC were among the first to support construction of the mosque when it was being considered in 1993 by the DuPage County zoning board.

After Sept. 11, 2001, the two congregations held a joint worship service and picnic, and the Muslim community began holding its Friday prayer services at St. Thomas UMC pending completion of the mosque.

Facemyer called the relationship begun after 9/11 "a miracle of sorts" saying it was "a witness of unity overcoming fear and separation."

The St. Thomas congregation presented the Muslim community with a peace tree to be planted near the mosque like the peace tree planted on the St. Thomas property.

The tree will be "a symbol of the peace we want so much together," Facemyer said, "so that this little place in the Glen Ellyn community will always be known as Peace Corners."



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