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Homosexual Roots In Methodism Reach Deep Into The Hidden Life Of UM Bishop Finis Crutchfield

This article is originally from Texas Monthly, October 1987.  All attempts to retrieve an original failed.  Although the author is still around, there were no electronic copies on the net that a Google search discovered.  This copy was finally secured through "Inter-Library Loan" from a helpful employee of the Burke County Public Library in Morganton, NC.  Texas Monthly is at www.texasmonthly.com.  If you are interested in pursuing the article straight from the publisher you may try them there again.  In the original spirit of the internet I share it here for free in this research paper in JPEG form.  Attempts have been made to make the files as small as possible while maintaining good resolution.  Your best bet to read them may be to download them to your computer and browse through them with MS Picture/Fax View or Adobe's version of that program.

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