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Conservative UM Renewal Leader Urges Mainline To Take UM Poll To Keep Homosexuals From Skewing It

From: John Lomperis [mailto:jlomperis@ird-renew.org]
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 12:39 PM
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Subject: From IRD: Please take State of the UMC Survey...

Dear United Methodist Friend:

Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!   

As a friend of UM Action's ministry of United Methodist renewal, we wanted you to be aware of the fact that our denomination's leaders are conducting a "State of the Church" online survey of the opinions of grassroots United Methodists like you and me.  Among numerous other questions (several of which are frustratingly worded), the survey asks UMC members whether they agree or disagree with our church's official position against the morality of homosexual practice.   

The radical Reconciling Ministries Network (the pro-homosexuality caucus that organized last year's infamous "Hearts on Fire" Conference) has been recruiting its supporters to take the survey.  For more on RMN's perspective, see the article pasted below my signature.   

If RMN succeeds in flooding the pool of survey takers with those who share their perspective, we should not be surprised to see the survey results subsequently touted as an alleged clarion call from grassroots United Methodists for church leaders to abandon such "outdated" notions as biblical authority and Christian sexual morality . 

 Now you and I know that RMN represents neither the future nor the majority of our United Methodist Church.  But if renewal-minded United Methodists like you and me fail to make our voices heard, the survey results could be widely used to pressure bishops and other church leaders to not uphold our church's teachings on sexual morality (for fear of offending the majority of their constituents allegedly represented in the survey) and to falsely portray most grassroots United Methodists as strongly opposing Scriptural teaching. 

 So please take a few minutes to take the survey, and encourage other renewal-minded United Methodists to do likewise:

 Yours in Christ,


John Lomperis
Research Assistant
The Institute on Religion and Democracy

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Washington, DC 20005
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