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UM Communications Agency Creates Pro-homosexuality News Service For Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders, and You Name The Sexual Abomination

Found at official United Methodist Communications Email/Website

From: <NewsDesk@UMCOM.ORG>
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 3:21 PM
Subject: News about your UMNS Daily News subscription

Dear United Methodist News Service reader,

We want to tell you about two changes that are coming that will improve our service to you.

First, we are offering you the option of tailoring the type of news that you receive by e-mail. You can customize your UMNS stories by choosing from among eight new categories: African-American news, African news, Asian-American news, GLBT (sexual minority) news, Hispanic news, Korean news, Native American news and Special Interest news. To subscribe to one of these, just go to http://umns.umc.org/Subscribe.html. If you want to continue receiving our general news as you always have, then simply do nothing.

Second, we are in the process of converting our e-mail list to a new system. The new service, called UMC Group E-mail, is being offered by UMCom.org - the Web site of our parent agency, United Methodist Communications.

As a member of the UMNS Daily News, Weekly Digest and/or News in Brief lists, you will automatically be placed on the new system, so your service will not be disrupted. In addition, you will have a new, free membership to our UMCom site, which provides access to a wide variety of communications resources.

You will receive an e-mail from WebSupport of UMCom for each of your UMNS subscriptions, and the e-mail will include a user name and password to UMCom.org. Please print or save this information for reference in accessing your UMCom.org account.

Also, note that the e-mail address for Daily News, Weekly Digest and News in Brief will change. The new e-mail addresses are below.

Daily News - UMNS-News-All@umcgroupemail.org
Weekly Digest - UMNS-Weekly-Digest@umcgroupemail.org
News in Brief - UMNS-News-in-Brief@umcgroupemail.org

You may want to save these new e-mail addresses in your personal contacts application.

To Unsubscribe from any UMNS list, log in to your account using the user name and password provided in the e-mail from WebSupport of UMCom, click on the "My Resources" link and select "Leave" for the list from which you wish to unsubscribe. If you have problems, write to websupport@umcom.org.

Please let me know if you have any questions about these changes. You can write to me at newsdesk@umcom.org.

Laura J. Latham Technical Support Coordinator UMNS


United Methodist News Service Photos and stories also available at: http://umns.umc.org


Editor's Note:  The website is currently unavailable until after system upgrade at UMCom

UMNS GLBT [Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender] News

Description Category: News & Information

News about the issue of homosexuality and transgendered persons (gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender); reported by United Methodist News Service.

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