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United Methodist Church Hosts Gay Activist To Preach Homosexual Easter Message Targeting Children

Activist Cornel West speaks at local church

(Stamford-WTNH, Mar. 27, 2005 6:00 PM) _ A world renowned activist and author made a guest appearance at a Stamford church today.

Princeton professor, Cornel West spoke to a packed house at the First United Methodist Church of Stamford.

West is highly-regarded as a gifted philosopher and public speaker.

He spoke today about the true meaning of Easter and applying it to everyday life.

West says,"Especially to keep the focus on the children, the most vulnerable. Especially to keep the focus on the poor people, on working people, on our gay brothers and lesbian sisters, those who are wrestling with forces of devaluation and forces of degradation... that they are our brothers and sisters like everybody else."

"The church is just not some place where we worship and are happy and go home. We are a social force as well in the community and I love the way Dr. West in his prophetic way challenges the religious centers of our day," says Dr. Douglas A. McArthur, First United Methodist.

Cornel West's best selling book entitled Race Matters is credited with launching a new phase of debate in race relations.

Source: WTNH.com - Activist Cornel West speaks at local church

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