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UM Bishops "Bloody Knuckles" At Homo Convo To Homosexualize Denomination

The Reconciling Ministries Network Digest

Thursday, August 17, 2006


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RMN MISSION STATEMENT: Reconciling Ministries Network is a national grassroots organization that exists to enable full participation of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities in the life of the United Methodist Church, both in policy and practice.


1.       “Bloody Knuckles” Witness at Clergywomen’s Consultation

2.       Bishop Carcaño Consistently Names Harm to LGBT UMs

3.       Judicial Council Meets, October 25-28, Cincinnati, OH

4.       Job Opportunity at First UMC - Omaha, NE

5.       Gender Stereotypes and Bullying Create Harm

6.       Let us pray with you




(Chicago, Illinois) United Methodist clergywomen from around the world are in Chicago this week through Thursday, to celebrate 50 years of full clergy rights for women at the 2006 International United Methodist Clergywomen's Consultation. Following the spirited sermon of retired Bishop Judith Craig on Monday, those in the audience were painfully aware of the continued knocking of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons on the closed doors of the church.


Bishop Craig preached on Luke 18:1-8, a story about a widow who kept knocking on a judge's door until justice was given her. Bishop Craig likened the early pioneers in the women's ordination movement to the widow, as they kept knocking on the doors of the church until women were given full ordination rights in 1956. She noted that persons sometimes knock until their knuckles are bloody to finally bring about change.


As consultation participants gathered for [Tuesday] morning's session, they passed by clergywomen knocking on doors. Available for signing was a "Bloody Knuckle Petition" which asked signers to covenant to take the following actions:

·                     Educate ourselves and our congregations about the issues affecting LGBT persons

·                     Pray communally and privately for LGBT people who are wounded and excluded by the church's sin of homophobia

·                     Offer tangible and vocal support (like cookies and Kleenex) to your LGBT friends and family

·                     Help to elect General Conference delegates who will do all in their power to ensure the full inclusion of LGBT persons in church and society

·                     Communicate with General Conference delegates about the critical importance of electing fair-minded, faithful Judicial council members

·                     Become familiar with and involved in justice ministries that are working for the full inclusion of LGBT persons (e.g. Reconciling Ministries Network and Methodist Federation for Social Action)

See photos at www.rmnetwork.org




Bishop Minerva Carcaño, who leads the denomination’s Desert Southwest Annual (regional) Conference, spoke to a consultation of clergywomen of color scholars Aug. 13 about the boundaries that must be transcended in order for all women to follow the path of Christ. The consultation was organized to celebrate the United Methodist Church’s Women of Color Scholars Program as well as identify challenges ahead.


The bishop applauded the growing number of women of color who have earned advanced degrees in the church, but she noted that the lack of Hispanic/Latina, Native American and Pacific Islander women must be addressed. The Women of Color Scholars Program must find ways to encourage and accompany all women of color who have the gifts for intellectual pursuit and teaching, Carcaño said.


She urged African-American and Asian clergywomen in academia to “transcend the racial boundaries and encourage women of other ethnicities to join you, giving them your best wisdom, your best support.”


In addition to recruiting people from other ethnic groups, she urged the care and support of women of color who are ostracized because they are lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Carcaño said she has often been told to cease advocating for their inclusion, but she tells her critics that “if another suffers then it is my suffering; it is our suffering. And we will never be whole and well until all God’s children are accepted not as we would like them to be, but as God made them.”


People of faith are called to be a community where all are welcomed and received, she added.


Full UMNS story by Linda Green



On the council’s docket are two requests for clarification regarding ruling 1032 allowing refusal of membership to an openly gay man in Virginia. Both Kansas East and Baltimore-Washington annual conferences have asked for declaratory rulings.


The Judicial Council will meet at The Vernon Manor Hotel, 400 Oak St., Cincinnati, OH 45219 (513.281.3300 Phone; 513.281.8933 Fax). At this point, no one has requested oral hearings in any of the matters on the docket, but the deadline for filing briefs and requesting oral hearings is Monday, August 28. It is possible for any person to write a brief in support of or opposed to this action.


Petition 3-C: Non-Discrimination for Kansas East Local Churches

Submitted by Rev. Mark Holland


WHEREAS, the Bible implores us, “Let Justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream” (Amos 5:24), and, Jesus himself teaches, “Whoever welcomes a child in my name welcomes me.” (Matthew 18:4)


WHEREAS, the United Methodist Church has adopted a theme of “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.”


WHEREAS, a United Methodist pastor in Virginia has denied membership in his local church to an individual solely on the grounds that he is a self avowed, practicing homosexual.


WHEREAS, the Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church has upheld the pastor’s right to do so. (Judicial Council Decisions NO 1032)


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the 2006 Kansas East Annual Conference clearly states that: “No pastor in the Kansas East Conference shall deny membership into a Kansas East United Methodist church solely based on the candidate for membership being a self-avowed, practicing homosexual.”


Mark Holland, Kansas City: Trinity (clergy), made a motion for the 2006 Kansas East Annual Conference to petition the Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church for a Declaratory Decision as to whether petition 3C is in compliance with Article IV of the Constitution, ¶ 124. Second is made and the motion is up for discussion. Kent Melcher, Topeka District Superintendent (clergy), made a motion to amend the petition to include ¶ 214 of the Discipline. Second is made on this motion. Mark Holland, Kansas City: Trinity (clergy), accepts this as a friendly amendment. The person who seconded the Melcher motion agrees to its acceptance as a friendly amendment. A vote of hands carries the motion as amended.


More on the Baltimore-Washington request: http://www.bwcumc.org/news_detail.asp?TableName=oNews_PJAYMY&PKValue=2123




Position: Full-time Director of Youth/ Young Adult Ministries and Membership Development at a 600 member congregation with a clear vision for inclusive and diverse ministry, and a strong tradition of social justice and outreach to the Omaha community and the world.



– Bachelors and/or Master’s degree(s) in one or more of the following: Education, Theology, Divinity, or related field, and/or at least 3 years of demonstrated experience in youth/young adult ministries and/or membership development

– Proven leadership, organizational, management, and communication skills to develop and oversee youth/young adult programs, and to develop and oversee strategies to attract and nurture new members

– Infectious enthusiasm for a growing church

– Broad understanding of theology

– Ability to guide youth/young adults and new members on a healthy path of spiritual growth


Compensation: Commensurate with training and experience. Includes full benefit package.


Send or email cover letter and resume to

Ed Pearce, Chairperson,

Staff Parish Relations Committee


First United Methodist Church

7020 Cass Street

Omaha, Nebraska 68132-2601.

For more information about First United Methodist Church, go to www.fumcomaha.org.




"Research shows that school violence against boys who are seen as unmanly – public humiliation, ridicule, beatings and other attacks – is closely linked to school shootings," said Tyrone Hanley, GenderPAC's Youth Program Coordinator. “This incident seems to follow that pattern.”


In a 2003 study of school-violence, SUNY Stony Brook Sociology Professor Michael Kimmel found that nearly all 29 school shootings that occurred between 1992 and 2001 involved shotguns or assault rifles and were carried out by heterosexual white male teenagers in rural communities who had been mercilessly bullied for being unmasculine or unathletic.


And gender bullying is apparently widespread: 27% of students reported harassment for not being masculine or feminine enough and over half said that school was unsafe for boys who weren't as masculine as other boys in a 2004 study by the California Safe Schools Coalition.


Added Hanley, “We're not going to stop school shootings until we address violent codes of masculinity among rural, white, teenage males.”


Bullying caused by gender stereotypes appears to be at issue in a school shooting by seventeen-year-old Joshua Minks, according to his mother. Amanda Minks, who just began speaking publicly about the incident late last week, stated that her son had complained of being subjected to daily taunting and homophobic slurs by classmates because of his appearance. Minks is 6'5" and weighs 400-pounds.


Minks, who attended high school in Farmington, Missouri, pleaded guilty to assault on school property and unlawful use of a weapon earlier this summer after firing a hole into the school ceiling with a shotgun when he was confronted by three students. A principal and teacher subdued him before anyone was hurt. In an interview with KFVS television last week, Minks' mother claimed the school promised to examine its safety and harassment guidelines to address the bullying directed at her son, but never followed through. Minks is currently scheduled to be sentenced September 15.


(The GenderYOUTH Network is a collaboration of over 200 student leaders on 45 campuses in two dozen states working to ensure that their school is a safe place for all students to live, learn and succeed.)




Please let us be part of your support and let us know how we might help. One way is to let us pray for you.


We invite you to send your prayer requests to us and be counted in the weekly offering of joys and concerns. You may call (773-736-5526), write (RMN 3801 N. Keeler Ave. Chicago, IL 60641) or email these requests to prayer@rmnetwork.org.


“Now during those days Jesus went out to the mountain to pray; and he spent the night in prayer to God” ~ Luke 6:12


The Reconciling Ministries Network is a national network of United Methodist-focused organizations advocating for the full inclusion of persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities into the life of the Church. Founded in 1984, RMN consists of 221 United Methodist congregations, 28 campus ministries, 33 Reconciling Communities, and over 18,000 individuals. Organizations involved include the Parents' Reconciling Network, Reconciling Ministries Clergy, United Methodists of Color, and RMN's student movement, MOSAIC. For additional information you may contact the Reconciling Ministries Network office at:


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