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United Methodists To Gather To Celebrate Homo Erotic Sex At Pro-homosexuality Convo


Kenwood United Methodist Church, 2319 E. Kenwood Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53211 October 20-21, 2006 Cost: $60 (Students $25)

The Church was wrong about slavery. It was wrong about race. It was wrong about women. And it is wrong again. Join us for a conference of repentance for the sin of homophobia and a celebration of sexual given-ness.

Keynote speaker: Dr. Theodore W. Jennings, Jr.—Professor of Biblical and Constructive Theology at Chicago Theological Seminary.

Tired of ... gay people being clobbered by good Christians? ... being taught that homosexuality is a sin? ... the Bible being used to justify hatred? ... homophobia beginning at church?

Searched ... the Bible for all the anti-gay passages, but couldn't really find any?

Need Help ... interpreting the few verses you did find?

Seeking Ways to ... understand more completely? ... accept more freely? ... act more justly?

Then this Conference is for you!

Brochure and Registration form: http://www.kairoscomotion.org/ 

Co-sponsored by Kairos CoMotion and Reconciling Ministries Network

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