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Justification For UM Sponsored Homofest Sham UM Directory

Obtaining the Facts

HARTWELLA Sept. 2 article [in the Wesleyan Christian Advocate] pointed out that the executive director of the Southeastern Jurisdictional Administrative Council (SEJAC) had justified the use of Lake Junaluska facilities by the Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN) by referring to pages 198-201 of The United Methodist Directory and ... [finding] RMN ­"to be an affiliated caucus of the UMC.­"  This claim was not challenged in the article.

A Sept. 16 letter cited this ­"affiliated caucus­" status as being the reason the executive committee of SEJAC ­"saw fit to allow (RMN) to use the Lake Junaluska facility.­"

When we were creating the new Connectional Table in legislative committee at the 2004 General Conference, we placed in what is now Paragraph 906.1.e of the 2004 Book of Discipline a codification of five racial ethnic caucus groups.  The General Conference in effect gave them a degree of official recognition. [But] there is no such thing as an ­"affiliated caucus!­"
In the directory there is a section entitled ­"Affiliated Caucuses and Ecumenical Groups­" and there are two sub-groupings, one for
­"Caucuses­" and another for ­"Affiliated Groups,­" [but] there is no listing for ­"Affiliated Caucuses.­"

Wondering how the listing in the UM Directory came about, I wrote Neal Alexander, president and publisher of the United Methodist Publishing House.   In his prompt answer, he first stated that there is no such thing as an ­"affiliated caucus­" and then stated:  ­"Over the last 20 plus years we’ve added information as persons have asked for it.  We have included an array of organizations.­" 

In other words the only requirement to be listed under ­"Caucuses­" in the UM Directory is for someone (anyone) to contact the directory staff and ask if the staff has the address of an organization!  ... Mr. Alexander did conclude his answer by stating, ­"The directory will be improved in future editions by revising the headings and ways the affiliated and not-affiliated organizations appear.­"

How hard was it to find out the facts of this matter?  It only took one e-mail!  ... Personally, I am disappointed in much about this whole matter.

- Joe M. Whittemore
  Member, Hartwell First UMC

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