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UM Agencies Blindly Spout Anti-Iraq Propaganda Without Consulting Iraqis Or UM's In Iraq

This from a United Methodist Chaplain posted in the Untied Methodist Blog from September in answer to an interview with Jim Winkler:


I am saddened by your recent comments on our involvement in the war. I was on the front line of the war serving as an Army Chaplain with the 101st Airborne Division. There are many comments that you have made representing the UM Church that I would like to understand. However, as you have based many of your arguments on what the people of Iraq want, I need to know how much time in the past two years you have spent in Iraq. I was there, I have friends there now and I plan to return the summer of 2007. We just can’t seem to find the people that you say “…want the United States out of Iraq.” Unless you meant the terrorist and the insurgents then I stand corrected.

Here is a question for you: how is the United Methodist Church making statements about the war without consulting United Methodist Ministers serving as military chaplains in this war?

Chaplain (MAJ) Mark E. Thompson

Posted by: Chaplain (MAJ) Mark E. Thom pson | October 20, 2005

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