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Faithful UM's To File Class Action Lawsuit Against Disobedient Church Leaders

July 18, 2001

R.O. Biggerstaff
5000 Prieto Dr
Pensacola, FL 32506

Dear Brother and Sister UMC Evangelicals:

I am writing to you with the hopes of communicating to you an initiative that I am trying to put together.

I have watched our situation within the UMC and with a responsible and determined heart have concluded that the UMC is being controlled by certain Bishops and pastors who have abrogated the laws in the Book Of Discipline pertaining to same sex marriages, and avowals of homosexual behavior.  The UMC gladly accepts our tithes and offerings, but defrauds the members, by promoting in open and public manner actions that are directly prohibited in our sacred teachings and laws of the UMC.  It is the beliefs and laws that are listed in the Book Of Discipline that makes our religion unique and standard for all members of the Church. 

Over the past several years, we have seen strong, continuous efforts by groups, such as Good News and Confessing Movement, to fix the problem of rogue elements.  In spite of heroic efforts, the curbing of these outlaws has not happened.  We have seen numerous lay people file charges regarding these issues, to no avail.  We simply have no realistic further means of gaining control in-house.  Now it’s time to reach out to our laws of the United States courts for this help we need, since our in-house means of trying to deal with problems such as these have not been effective. 

I, and other loyal religious members of UMC feel that the practices that are being conducted and condoned by our representative clergy and Episcopacy are plainly wrong in relationship to participation and acquiscence in same-sex marriages, the condoning of, and espousing the validity of homosexual relationships. 

To fight the dilution of the religious laws which are a contract with our members in the UMC, I have decided to, along with interested others, take a stand and have conducted discussions with the below mentioned lawfirm in Chicago that has indicated a willingness to undertake this battle.  Towards this end, which will be an expensive fight, I am requesting members of the UMC to make refundable (at the successful conclusion of the case, from UMC funds) donations---$5.00, $10.00, whatever.  Our religion faces alteration of its religious articles of faith which we base our beliefs on by those whose oaths of office are supposed to make them the defenders of our faith.  The intended lawsuit will only seek to enforce established religious rules, and does not seek to make or interpret such law. 

So, please send donations to the lawfirm of:

Schneider and Schneider
1620 W. Northwest Highway
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Mark contributions for “UMC Class Action Suit”

 In His Service





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