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UM Bishop Praises Pro-homosexuality Church's Efforts To Undermine Church Law and Teaching

...A United Methodist Church bishop is praising one of the churches under her charge that has found a way to help homosexuals defy biblical teaching. While the Bible clearly represents that marriage is meant for a man and a woman, some officials in the UMC are challenging that teaching. Associated Press reports that the United Methodist bishop for Nebraska has approved a congregation's policy aimed at accommodating same-sex couples who want blessing ceremonies without breaking church rules that ban such ceremonies from Methodist congregations. Bishop Ann Sherer approved the policy adopted by First United Methodist Church of Omaha, which states that same-sex couples will be referred to non-Methodist clergy, who will perform union ceremonies, or to lay members who could conduct such ceremonies outside church. The couple will then be invited to a worship service at First United. The policy avoids UMC rules that forbid same-sex union services in its churches or conducted by its clergy. Of those at First United who are behind the new guidelines, Sherer says she is "grateful for their faithfulness to the laws of the church, and ... also grateful they want to reach out." [Fred Jackson]

Source: http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/6/12006h.asp

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