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Tulsa Meeting Report

Dear Friends,

I went to the Confessing Movement meeting in Tulsa this weekend. It was a great meeting. There were a few things that really got my attention.

First, Bishop Lyndsey Davis from North Georgia spoke. I have become so accustomed to Bishops either being silent or speaking out on the left side of things that I was startled by Bishop Davis. I guess the other folks were too he got a lot more applause than anyone. Unlike Bishop Sprague, he affirmed his belief in the historical Jesus. Unlike the Denver 15 he forcefully expressed his biblical opposition to homosexual practice. Unlike Bishop Craig, he expressed his confidence in the unique and undeniable authority of Scripture. I think the whole gathering was shocked to hear a Bishop speak up for orthodoxy. Where can the South Central Jurisdiction find a Bishop like that?

Second, we heard from the members from First Church Omaha who are meeting in a local high school to worship. They have been having three to four hundred people at their rally's. They said on Palm Sunday Jimmy Creech had less than two hundred in worship. Creech met with one of the dissidents and suggested they just come back to church. The progay folks just don't get it. Some of the Creech supporters have even complained that the rally's are a violation of the Discipline!

Third, we were told that the General Board of Global Ministries has nearly one half billion dollars in reserves. That is over seven years worth of apportionments. Why has our mission board accumulated this vast reserve. Are there no needs in the world? Could it be that such a balance is there to insure that the bureaucracies are insulated from the church?

Finally, we heard some hopeful news from Cal-Nevada. The folks who are trying to break away from that Conference are attempting to work out an arrangement within the Methodist Church. Hopefully, Cal-Nevada and the Western Jurisdiction can come up with a way to save these churches within an evangelical district or even a special missionary conference.

The Confessing Movement is organizing on a grass roots basis. If you would like to help send me an e-mail.

Your Brother,

John Miles

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