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"Nice Day for Crucifying"

by Tom Graffagnino

"Nice Day for Crucifying"

Well, Good Morning, Ms. Schiavo.....
Yes, Good Friday's finally here.
Nice day for crucifying.
For the Legalists, it's clear.

We saw the Pharisees reviewing
Every tittle...every jot...
This "letter of the law"-thing,
Is a killer, is it not?

Is it true that you're not guilty
Of a crime?.....(That's what we've heard!)
Yet the Blind Guides have passed judgment....
Moral Insight clearly blurred.

Legalistic Humanism
Is the trap.....The Fowler's Snare.
It's a deadly way of seeing:
The yeast the Lord said to beware.


One may wonder where we're headed...
Some have said we've lost our way.
Thank you, Jesus, for revealing
Grace and Truth on Easter Day!

Please Lord have Mercy on us!
As again we see our Sin...
Like the Pharisees before us,
We took the tempter's bait again.


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